DeepCool PX1000P 80 PLUS Platinum Review: Peak Efficiency & Design

DeepCool's PX1000P is top-notch, thanks to its use of the ATX3.0 platform from CWT. The PX1000P is particularly impressive for its high efficiency, earning both 80Plus Platinum and Cybernetics Platinum certifications

DeepCool PX1000G ATX3.0 PSU Review: Beyond The Gold Standard

DeepCool has opted for one of the best and currently the most adapted ATX3.0 platform from CWT, which performed exceptionally well in all the major tests we performed. PX1000G's Hybrid Fan mode gives this PSU an upper edge over other brands for its silent fan operation during light workloads.

Deepcool Assassin III Review: Unboxing + Benchmarks

The Deepcool Assassin III, a powerful CPU air cooler with a 280W TDP, competes with the Noctua NH-D15. Stylish and high-performing, it excels in cooling but emits 47 dB(A) of noise. Suitable for gamers, it may not suit those prioritizing a quiet PC or dealing with limited space.

Deepcool AS500 Review [Fully Tested + Unboxing]

The Deepcool AS500 is an affordable and stylish single-tower air cooler designed for users seeking excellent thermal performance. With a slim heatsink for maximum RAM compatibility, it features five nickel-plated copper heat pipes and subtle A-RGB lighting. The TF140S PWM fan ensures quiet operation, and it excels in maintaining low temperatures during testing. However, its 164mm height makes it unsuitable for small form factor PCs.

Deepcool Assassin II CPU Cooler Review

Deepcool Assassin II CPU Cooler impresses with its dual tower design, 8 copper heat pipes, and efficient cooling for high-performance CPUs, particularly Intel 12th gen processors. It balances noise and performance, making it a standout in the cooling market.

Deepcool Gammaxx GT Review: Unboxing, Benchmarks, Verdict

The Deepcool Gammaxx GT is a budget-friendly 120mm single tower air cooler with RGB lighting, offering solid performance and compatibility with AMD AM4 and various Intel sockets. Its direct contact technology ensures efficient thermal heat dissipation.

Deepcool Captain 240EX Review: Is It Worth It?

The Deepcool Captain 240EX RGB CPU Cooler impresses with its visually striking arc reactor design and vibrant RGB lighting. Featuring a 240mm radiator, high-performance TF120 fans, and a hassle-free installation process, it caters to users seeking a balance between aesthetics and efficient cooling.

Deepcool CF 120/140 RGB Fans Review

Deepcool CF 120 Review has taken a game to the next level for Deepcool as they pack nice performance with immersive lighting effects.

DeepCool LT520 240mm AIO Review: Worth It?

DeepCool has released a new Mirror Infinity series AIOs named LT. They have released 240mm and 360mm versions. Here is a full review of it.

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