Call of Duty

Call of Duty Blamed For Uvalde School Shooting In New Lawsuit

Recently revealed lawsuits of the Uvalde school shooting blames Call of Duty for the unfortunate tragedy on May 22, 2022.

Black Ops 6 Expected To Be Highly Polished Due To 2 Years of Playtesting

One of the developers who worked on Black Ops 6 has suggested that the game has been in playtesting phase for 2 years.

Call of Duty Back Ops 6 Officially Announced By Activision

Activision has officially confirmed that the next Call of Duty in the franchise is going to be Black Ops 6, set in the Gulf War.

New Game Pass Tiers Getting Introduced Due to Call of Duty, Says Insider

According to reliable sources, Xbox is changing the tiers of Game Pass to introduce Call of Duty to the subscription service.

COD Black Ops 6 Coming To Game Pass Day One, Says New Report

Call of Duty seems set to arrive on Game Pass in 2024, with a new report stating that Xbox is going to debut the series soon.

Call of Duty Expected To Revive Ghosts & Advanced Warfare Franchises

A leaker suggests that Call of Duty will eventually revisit Ghosts and Advanced Warfare in the years 2026 and 2027.

Xbox Hints Call Of Duty Still Planned For Day One Game Pass Launch

Yet another sign of Call of Duty heading to Game Pass has shown up amid speculations of an incoming reveal next month.

Xbox Considering Higher Game Pass Price & Skipping Call of Duty on Service

Xbox seems to be having contentions about bringing Call of Duty on Game Pass, and another price hike seems to be on the horizon.

Call of Duty Returns To Xbox Stage After 10 Years In 2024

Call of Duty franchise will finally be returning to the Xbox stage next month after nearly a decade due to the Sony deal.

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