These Builds Will Make Shadow of The Erdtree Way Easier For You

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These Builds Make You The Boss Instead!

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  • Shadow of the Erdtree has received a lot of unjustified criticism for its challenging bosses.
  • The game is hard, but you can use certain builds to tone down the difficulty.
  • Bloodfiend’s Arm, Pest-Thread Spears, Impenetrable Thorns, and Carian Sovereignty can make your game easier.

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree has received a lot of criticism for being overly difficult. While players were relentless with the negativity, many fans weren’t even using the Scadutree Fragments properly.

Some also found the expansion harder due to bosses like Mesmer The Impaler, Bayle The Dread, Radhan, and Rellana, Twin Moon Knight. I don’t agree with all of them being too challenging, but there’s an easy fix for this problem.

Relying on the correct build can completely transform your Shadow of the Erdtree experience.

Why it matters: Some bosses in Shadow of the Erdtree make you quit the game due to their hard nature. However, you can use tailor-made builds to make the fights easier.

Bloodfiend’s Arm Build – Still Broken Post Nerf

Bloodfiend's Arm
Bloodfiend’s Arm Is Currently The Most Broken Weapon In The Elden Ring DLC | Image Credits: Tech4Gamers

The latest patch has nerfed the two most broken builds in the realm of shadows.

Perfume bottles have seen a massive nerf, as the damage output has been reduced significantly. The Lightning Perfume Bottle, in particular, was being used to one-shot some bosses, but it can’t do that anymore.

Similarly, Bloodfiend’s Arm has also been nerfed, but it is still broken. If you are struggling with the final boss, then this is the weapon for you. It can still poise break the final boss with two to three charged heavy attacks. The bleed build-up is also strong, so you don’t have to worry about the nerf.

Just use Lord of Blood’s Exultation, Axe talisman, Two-Handed Sword talisman, and Defense talisman. Add the Stonebard Cracked Tear in the physic along with the one that boosts damage negation, and you are good to go.

Pest-Thread Spears

Pest Spear Threads
Pest-Thread Spears Is The Upgraded Version of Pest Threads | Image Credits: Tech4Gamers

You won’t have to struggle much using this incantation. Instead, the buffs you have to apply will take more time than the actual boss fight if you use Pest-Thread Spears.

Use the Rakshasa armor set and a weapon with high critical damage with this build since you will stagger enemies often. If you don’t, you can still spam the incantation. Also, make sure to use Erdtree’s Seal and Flock’s Canvas talismans, Godfrey Icon, and any defense talismans.

You can use Flame Grant Me Strength and Golden Vow to enhance the damage even more.

Impenetrable Thorns

Impenetrable Thorns
The Impenetrable Thorns Sorcery Inflicts Bleed On Bosses Extremely Fast | Image Credits: Tech4Gamers

Impenetrable Thorns is a sorcery that deals physical and bleeding damage on hits. This sorcery can be charged and hits the opponent three times, inflicting massive amounts of bleed build-up. You can use it along with your Bloodfiend’s Arm too, but I would recommend using it separately.

Not only does it do massive damage to the opponent, but it can also deal a high amount of poise damage. To make the build even better, you can use the Rakshasa armor set with a couple of defense talismans and some associated with bleed, like Lord of Blood’s Exultation.

Carian Sovereignty

Rellana Elden Ring DLC
Rellana Uses Carian Sovereignty Mid-Battle | Image Credits: Tech4Gamers

Do you remember the spell Rellana uses once you bring her down to about 30% of her health? You can do that too, and the best part is that this is probably the best Ash of War in Elden Ring.

It gives you a lot of hyper armor and deals massive amounts of poise damage. When charged, the first swing does 48 poise damage, and the second one does 43. Some bosses have only 80 poise in the base game, so you can break their stance by simply using it once.

You just need an opening to use it, and even if you get hit, don’t worry; it gives you infinite poise and armor. So, your attack will come out dealing not only massive amounts of magic damage but also stance damage.

You also break the stance of the bosses who have 100 poise. Just use Stonebard Cracked Tear in the physic, and you will be good to go.

Still think the DLC is harder? These are 4 builds that can make the expansion a joke. If this isn’t enough, you can always fall back on the reliable mimic tear. When using these builds, the bosses won’t know what hit them; as a matter of fact, you’ll feel like the real boss.

Overall, I’ve had a great time with Shadow of the Erdtree so far because it promotes so much build variety. I’m glad to see the DLC selling 5 million units in just a few days.

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