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How to connect PS5 controller to PS4 without PC

How To Connect PS5 Controller To PS4 Without PC?

Are you wondering about how to connect PS5 Controller to PS4 without PC? Read our guide to learn about all the methods.
Best RTX 3060 Ti

5 BEST RTX 3060 Ti Graphics Cards In 2023

Tech4Gamers presents the ultimate guide for Best GeForce RTX 3060 Ti GPUs available based on traits like VRM design, Performance and Cooling
White PC Build

BEST White PC Build In 2023

While not famous, a white PC build is definitely possible along with customizable ARGB in almost all components.
Enermax revolution ATX 3.0

Enermax Joins ATX 3.0 PSU Standard With Its Revolution Series

Enermax revolution ATX 3.0 series comes with two 12-pin power connectors, offering a unique competition compared to other brands.
How To Choose The Right Graphics Card

How To Choose The Right Graphics Card For Your PC

If you have been out in the market for a new graphics card recently, then you must have felt overwhelmed by the sheer number...
ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1660 Amp Edition

ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1660 Amp Edition Graphics Card Review

In this ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1660 Amp Edition review, we will walk you through the graphics card's unboxing, benchmarks, and more!

Soulcalibur Remaster Reportedly Being Planned

A new report claims that Bandai Namco may be considering a remaster for their fighting game franchise, Soulcalibur.
Microsoft president Brad smith on the Activision Acquisition Blizzard Candy Crush Call of Duty

Analyst Believes Activision Deal Will Hurt Sony But Not Consumers

An analyst believes that Microsoft's Activision acquisition will hurt Sony, but it will not hurt consumers at all.
AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT Vs Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060

AMD RX 6700 XT Vs Nvidia RTX 3060 [Benchmarks]

The battle between Team Red and Team Green's GPU, particularly the RX 6700 vs RTX 3060, is here. See how they're unique from each other.
Apple iPhone 15 Touch Buttons

iPhone 15 Pro And Pro Max To Feature Haptic Touch-Sensitive Buttons

According to leaked details, Apple plans to replace physical buttons with Haptic Touch-Sensitive Buttons in iPhone 15 Pro And 15 Pro Max.

RTX 4070 Ti Vs RX 7900 XTX: Which Is Better?

In this RTX 4070 Ti Vs RX 7900 XTX comparison, we will walk you through the gaming benchmarks and see which one comes out on top.
Best RTX 3090

Top 7 BEST RTX 3090 Graphics Cards In 2023

Here are our picks for the Best GeForce RTX 3090 Card you can get in 2023 to help you with your next GPU purchase.




Colorful Evol P15 Gaming Laptop

COLORFUL Releases Evol P15 Gaming Laptop Powered By Intel & Nvidia

The COLORFUL Evol P15 uses the 12th generation of Intel CPUs and Nvidia RTX 4000 graphics cards to deliver a stellar gaming experience.