PlayStation Allegedly Cancels Sci-fi Shooter From Final Strike Games

Canceled After 3 Years of Development!

Sony and PlayStation have been very quiet about their gaming projects for the past year. Currently, the gaming giant is working on multiple unannounced games that cover various genres, such as single-player and live-service games.

However, one such game may have just been canceled. According to a report, Sony was working on a sci-fi shooter with Final Strike Games, but the project is no longer in development.

Why it matters: The source claims the project was already in development for 3 years. As such, it may have been in a playable state when Sony decided to cancel. 

Interestingly, Final Strike Games is not a first-party PlayStation developer. However, it is possible that Sony was collaborating with the developer on the project, as the gaming giant is known to sign various third-party deals.

The developer previously released Rocket Arena in 2020, an online third-person shooter. Since then, the developer has not released a new game, and the team has recently faced a massive wave of lay-offs.

The information comes from a gaming analyst who claims to have a reliable source. The user has also shared this source with other gaming media, so more details about the canceled game will likely be revealed soon.

Previously, reports claimed that PlayStation was working on another third-person sci-fi shooter with first-party studio XDev. Additionally, Naughty Dog is working on The Last of Us multiplayer, which will also include third-person shooter mechanics.

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