Nvidia & AMD Reportedly Planning Arm CPUs For Mainstream PCs

ARM Is The Future?

Nvidia is now reportedly planning to make its venture into the ARM-based market for Windows-based computers.

The report came from Reuters, which believes that the company has quietly started manufacturing ARM-based processors compatible with Windows computers. The report also highlights this new move from Nvidia could see the light of day as soon as 2025.

Nvidia CEO

AMD, on the other hand, also appears to be working on something similar. This may suggest that the market dominance of x86 personal computers might soon come to an end.

Nvidia and AMD working to break into this market of computing should not come as a surprise. Both companies will play their part in Microsoft’s desire to get Windows-based computers running on ARM. After all, Microsoft now has to compete with Apple.

Furthermore, this report is made more interesting after the recent Xbox leaks. According to internal documents, Microsoft has considered an ARM-based platform for the next Xbox console.

Apple ARM-based systems like the M1 Pro and M2 Pro have proven that computers do not require X86-based processors to get the best performance. With the introduction of the M1 Pro and M2 Pro, Apple has revolutionized the computer industry by offering desktop-level performance on an efficient platform.

Through the Surface Pro X, Qualcomm is currently the only chip manufacturer to date to have truly taken up the task of operating Windows on an ARM-based chip. The company unveiled a sneak peek at its Snapdragon X architecture earlier this month, indicating that it intends to power the upcoming generation of Arm-powered Windows PCs.

That being said, Qualcomm currently holds exclusive rights to develop ARM-based chips for Windows. With the exclusivity rights expiring next year, Nvidia and AMD might finally have a chance to bring their new products to the table, further justifying the report.

We haven’t heard anything from Intel yet. However, the company is also optimizing its fabs to become an ARM chip manufacturer.

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