Nvidia Manufacturing Weapons For Current AI War, Says Meta

Nvidia Is Too Dominant In AI Sector!

The recent artificial intelligence boom has benefited one company the most. With $18.1 billion in revenue and half a million H100 GPU sales, Nvidia is the clear winner in the current AI industry.

According to Meta chief scientist Yann LeCun, the AI sector is currently engaged in an ongoing war, and Jensen Huang, the CEO of Nvidia, is providing the weaponry.

GeForce RTX 4090

While this cannot be denied, it is a rather one-sided view of the future of AI. Interestingly, LeeCun has an entirely different view compared to Jensen Huang, who believes AI is going to catch up with human intelligence in less than five years.

Yann LeCun thinks “dog-level” or “cat-level” AI is more likely to reach society years before human-level AI. Furthermore, the technology sector’s present emphasis on text data and language models will not be sufficient to develop sophisticated AI systems that resemble humans.

Demonstrating Nvidia’s role in this AI war, Meta itself uses 16K A100 GPUs for the Llama AI software. Still, the trend might shift from relying on GPUs in the future to something else entirely.

During the interview, LeeCun also highlighted the recent policies on China established by the US due to this cyber warfare. To be ahead of its competition, the United States has banned the shipment of Nvidia graphics cards, like the RTX 4090, which exceed a certain threshold in AI computing.

On the other hand, Nvidia is seeking solutions to the latest limitations placed on the export of advanced semiconductors by the US government, further highlighting its role as the supposed manufacturer of AI weapons.

The company has frequently released new hardware intended to circumvent emerging restrictions. To overcome these regulatory obstacles, Nvidia is building a new line of gaming and HPC GPUs, including the recently spotted GeForce RTX 4090D graphics cards.

American Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo also warned Nvidia recently. She stated that more limitations would be applied to new goods representing improved versions of already prohibited processors.

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