No More Heroes Dev Teasing New Announcement For June 15

Announcement Coming Up!

Japanese game studio Grasshopper Manufacture has developed games like No More Heroes and Killer 7. The developer has now started a countdown on its website that ends on June 15, teasing an announcement.

The countdown initially started on the developer’s 25th anniversary, where the studio teased an announcement for June 9, but it has been updated to June 15.

Why It Matters: Grasshopper Manufacture has been one of Japan’s most notable developers, releasing fan-favorite games. The developer has not released a new game since 2021, but various projects are currently in development at the studio.

grasshopper manufacture announcement tease
Source: Grasshopper Manufacture Website

Many speculate that the next game could be a sequel to Shadow of the Damned, which the developers bought from EA, as confirmed by Goichi Suda. Last year, in an interview with Grasshopper Manufacture, it was revealed that the developers were working on a Horror game made in Unreal Engine 5.

The enemy boss models showcased in the video interview looked to be reminiscent of the enemy bosses in Shadow of the Damned, leading to speculation that the developers are working on the sequel to the classic 2011 release.

A popular insider also reported that Grasshopper Manufacture was working on a AAA Alien game. Multiple sources have confirmed this and revealed a release date of the holiday season in 2023.

As such, there are various possibilities for the announcement on June 15.

It seems like Grasshopper Manufacture is making a comeback after a hiatus of 2 years with an aim to release exciting titles soon. The countdown ends on June 15, and it will be interesting to see what the developers have planned for gaming fans worldwide.

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