Ninja Baseball Bat Man is a classic game from 1993. The game focuses on arcade beat ’em up gameplay and allows up to 4 players to join the action. At release, the game saw positive reception and quickly became one of the top arcade games in Japan.

Despite the game’s success in Japan, the franchise has remained dormant over the years. However, this could soon be changing. A Korean company, CRT Games, could be working on a successor to the classic game.

CRT Games is a company focusing on reviving retro video games. They are currently working on multiple projects, and it seems like Ninja Baseball Bat Man 2 could be one of those games.

Ninja Baseball Batman
Source: CRT Games

The image above shows some of the games from the company. Furthermore, one of the projects is titled “Irem’s Belt Scroll Action.” While the project shows Irem’s logo, the background also has interesting information. The image contains text that says “Ninja Baseball Bat Man 2“.

Irem was the developer behind the original Ninja Baseball Bat Man game in 1993. The description for the project also translates to “Four Heroes Against Alien Invasion.” This could hint at the four-player co-op featured in the original game, providing further credibility to the project being a Ninja Baseball Bat Man sequel. 

While the original game sold well in Japan, it wasn’t nearly as successful in other parts of the world. However, Ninja Baseball Bat Man managed to gain more popularity following the release of the Mame arcade emulator in the West. Therefore, the sequel could build off the success of the original game.

CRT Games could take the franchise to new heights with a sequel in the works. Retro gaming has a dedicated fanbase, and many will likely appreciate a sequel to an all-time classic. With the power of the current generation consoles, the sequel could exceed the original in every way possible, and fans of the franchise are likely to have a great time when the game eventually comes out.

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