Mouse & Keyboard Support Should Become Standard On Consoles

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Imagine GTA 6 With Mouse on PS5 Pro!

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  • Mouse and keyboard support on consoles is a highly requested feature.
  • Since certain genres are so much better with these peripherals, I think mouse and keyboard support needs to become the standard.
  • Certain games already show that support is possible, so console manufacturers should go all in.

Console gaming has seen remarkable growth over the years. Cross-play, cross-platform saves, multiple graphical modes, and more are just a few features that show the evolution of what used to be a closed ecosystem.

However, manufacturers have not been able to evolve the gaming controller much. Despite new controllers like the DualSense, the core gaming experience on consoles has remained much the same.

Sometimes, I just miss the precision of mouse and keyboard gameplay. With this already being possible on consoles to an extent, I believe there is a strong case to be made for full keyboard and mouse support on PlayStation, Xbox, and even Nintendo hardware.

Why it matters: Gaming is such a diverse and varied entertainment form that more choice is never a bad thing.

PlayStation 5 Controller PC
I Enjoy The Freedom To Use Controllers on PC And Want Similar Freedom On Consoles ( Image via Tech4Gamers)

Many Games Are Best Played With A Mouse

Overwatch is one of the most popular franchises on consoles, reaching over 50 million active players to date. Like most modern multiplayer games, it features cross-platform gameplay.

However, queuing up against PC players is no easy feat as a console player. The freedom of a mouse, keyboard macros, and accurate flicks from PC players make it challenging to survive as a measly controller player.

Controllers are not only limited by the finite number of buttons they offer, but the analog sticks also offer a limited range of motion. An easy solution to this problem would be universal keyboard and mouse support on consoles.

Multiplayer games aside, single-player titles like Doom Eternal would benefit from universal support. As incredible as Doom Eternal’s gore-fueled combat is, I can’t enjoy it to its full extent without a mouse.

Neon White, another incredibly creative shooter, shows the limitations of controllers when talking about this genre. However, these drawbacks are also apparent in other genres, including real-time-strategy games.

Games like Civilization, Cities Skyline, and more can be challenging to fully enjoy on controllers. Similarly, MOBAs like Smite have a lot to gain from keyboard and mouse support on consoles.

Overall, I feel there is enough benefit across a large number of games for this feature to be added. With GTA 6 coming next year, Rockstar has left me no choice but to play the game on console.

However, I would have been perfectly okay with this exclusivity had keyboard and mouse support been guaranteed from day one. As it stands, I might just sit out GTA 6 until the PC launch.

Doom Eternal
Doom Eternal Shines When Played On A PC

The Groundwork Is Already There

Certain games already show that keyboard and mouse work as viable input devices on consoles.

Fortnite and Call of Duty immediately come to mind. Even a game like Cyberpunk 2077 supports this option on the Xbox Series X, making it baffling that widespread adoption has yet to be reached.

Many players also resort to XIM technology, tricking their consoles into thinking controller inputs are coming from a keyboard and mouse. This is a neat workaround that lets them enjoy unsupported games on the hardware.

I’m digging the mouse and keyboard support for Xbox Series X!
byu/xrm550 incyberpunkgame

I think the fact that players resort to these alternates shows that there is no lack of demand for this feature on PlayStation and Xbox hardware.

As someone who appreciates all systems for what they offer, I truly hope the next-generation consoles offer a greater level of flexibility in this aspect. Controllers are great in many ways, but they aren’t the end-all-be-all.

I can only hope Sony and Microsoft acknowledge this demand moving forward, further opening up their ecosystems as they approach a more PC-like level of freedom.

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