Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Is Now 7 Years Old

Delivered Thrilling First-Person Parkour!

The Mirror’s Edge franchise has been praised for its first-person parkour gameplay that provides an exciting sense of momentum and speed. Despite its exciting gameplay and popularity, the series has not seen a new entry in many years.

Following the first game’s success, Dice wanted to go even bigger with the sequel. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst was released seven years ago, with Dice attempting to reboot the franchise for a broader appeal.

Why it matters: Mirror’s Edge delivered a unique first-person game focused on parkour mechanics and a unique aesthetic. Therefore, many were looking forward to the sequel when it was released in 2016.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst saw the return of the protagonist, Faith, with similar gameplay that fans enjoyed from the first game. The sequel also introduced an open world, expanding on the smaller and linear levels from the first game.

However, this change was met with mixed reception. Many players found the open world empty and repetitive, claiming that the game shined with smaller and more intricate levels best suited to parkour.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst carried excellent parkour, introducing new options like a grappling hook. Players could utilize options like jumps, slides, and rolls to build momentum as they ran through the game’s hurdles and obstacles.

The core gameplay is still extremely satisfying to this day, with room for experimentation and a high skill ceiling for those looking to master the mechanics. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst also went on to sell over 2.5 million copies. While this was an improvement over its predecessor, critical reception went in the opposite direction.

Many fans continue to look back fondly at the franchise, but EA does not appear to have any plans to revisit Mirror’s Edge anytime soon. Following the game’s release, DICE focused all efforts on the Battlefield franchise, leaving little hope for another title in the franchise.

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