Metro Exodus Has Sold Over 10 Million Units Since 2019

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Metro Exodus Is Also 5 Years Old Today!

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  • Metro Exodus launched in 2019 and turns 5 today.
  • 4A Games has confirmed the 10 million sales milestone for this game to celebrate its fifth anniversary.
  • The next mainline Metro game will arrive when it’s ready.

Although 4A Games’ Metro series has always been popular among fans of first-person shooter survival games, the developer set an exciting new precedent in 2019. Metro Exodus became the studio’s best-selling work, raising the bar for future games.

Today, this entry celebrates its fifth anniversary. 4A Games has also confirmed a new sales milestone, announcing 10 million units sold for the game.

Why it matters: Such milestones inspire the developers to invest further in the games they love to create.

This information comes directly from 4A Games’ social media account.

The developer has also shared a cryptic roadmap, teasing its next major AAA release. While this game’s development was reported last year, the team’s latest tease has not provided a release window.

It simply states that the next mainline title will be released when it’s ready. Last year, the game reached 8.5 million in sales. Through aggressive discounts and various promotions, the first-person shooter has sold an additional 1.5 million units in less than a year.

This is an impressive result, considering it was initially released in 2019. However, 4A Games is keen on continuing this strategy, discounting the franchise on PlayStation and Xbox to celebrate Metro Exodus’ fifth anniversary.

Metro Exodus
Metro Exodus Is Among The Most Immersive Survival Games

This sales milestone makes it the best-selling game of the IP by a massive margin since games like Metro 2033 did not sell much more than 1.5 million units.

Metro Exodus boasts incredibly detailed visuals and engaging survival gameplay. 4A Games’ work on the technical aspects has also garnered praise, with this first-person shooter considered one of the best examples of modern ray-traced global illumination.

Earlier this month, a new Metro VR game was announced. This entry will expand the franchise through another immersive experience in 2024, keeping fans engaged till the next mainline entry.

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