New Images Reveal Cancelled Justice League: Mortal Game

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The Justice League Game We Never Got!

The Justice League needs no introduction to comic book and gaming fans. The team has been featured in various video games, comprising popular characters like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and more. 

However, fans have long wanted a dedicated new game with all the characters. A new set of images has hinted at something similar planned over a decade ago. 

Game Developer Jonathan Gwyn recently shared images from a Justice League: Mortal tie-in game being developed around 2008.

Justice League Mortal Images

Some images are shown above; more can be seen on the Art Station profile.

Unfortunately, the project never saw the light of day, and the game was eventually canceled. The developer also states that much progress had already been made with Justice League: Mortal before the cancellation. 

Unlike Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, this project would have been based on a movie slated for release in 2009. Releasing movie tie-in games was a popular trend in those years, with IPs like Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, and more following this format. 

The Justice League: Mortal movie was planned to be directed by George Miller, with a $220 Million budget. Despite the 2009 release target, production was paused in 2008, and the film was eventually abandoned. 

However, not much else is known about the project. The genre and gameplay style is also a mystery, but more information could show up now that the project is online.

Most recently, the League members were playable in Injustice 2, and the League will also be featured as the villains in Rocksteady’s upcoming Suicide Squad game. But fans will likely not be able to witness the dream Justice League game anytime soon.

On the bright side, WB Games Montreal is working on a new game based on a DC property. A Wonder Woman title from Monolith Productions is also in development, using the infamous nemesis system from the developer’s previous games.

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