I Tried PlayRuo And Here’s What I Think

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If things go right, PlayRuo can give an edge to emerging games.

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  • PlayRuo is a Click and Play platform, removing the need for dedicated game downloads and installations. You can click the game link and start playing the trial.
  • It provides high video quality and almost zero latency during the game testing.
  • PlayRuo can pave the way for emerging game developers to market the games to a larger audience.

PlayRuo is a winning platform for developers, as it allows them to promote their games to a wider audience. It is a unique click-and-play platform that we have rarely encountered before. Therefore, it was interesting to explore how it actually functions. So, I tried PlayRuo, and here’s what I think about its mechanics.

What Is PlayRuo?

Developed by Shadow, PlayRuo is a browser-based platform with a massive collection of game demos from various developers that you can try for absolutely free. There is no prior need to download or install the games on your PC, eliminating the hassle.

Get to the game’s website, click the Play button, and try the demo. If you like the game, buy it or share it with your friends. But if you don’t, move on to the next one, all without spending a dime.

Try Now Button On A Gaming Website
Try Now Button On A Game’s Website (Image By PlayRuo)

“Playruo eliminates technical barriers, allowing players to experience your games without any prerequisites,” mentioned Ferges Leleu, the CEO of PlayRuo, in a LinkedIn post.

What Benefits Does It Offer?

The biggest advantage of PlayRuo is that it eliminates the need for downloads and installations. Instead of waiting for the game to download on your PC, you can just hit Play. It also saves disk space on the PC, and you will not have to go through the hassle of uninstallation if the game does not meet your preferences.

Press The Button To Start Playing
Press The Button To Start Playing (Image By PlayRuo)

And, oh, it does not compromise on the picture quality either. I experienced a 4K resolution at 60fps while testing a demo with no latency. Hence, it was an uninterrupted gaming experience, unlike other cloud gaming experiences where input lags are pretty frequent. This particular point really impressed me, plus the maximum it can go to is 4K at 240fps.

Another unique point is that you can team up with streamers on their live stream in a multiplayer game. The person can share the link during the live stream, and the audience can join. 

Share Live Links To Join A Game
Share Live Links To Join A Game (Image By PlayRuo)

For the best experience, use a Chrome browser on a Windows PC or laptop. However, it also works on Android, macOS, and Linux.

Quick Note For Game Developers

According to an analysis by Statista, more than 12000 games were released on Steam in 2023, with a higher number expected in 2024. As a result, it becomes challenging for small-budget developers to establish themselves in the industry.

Statistic: Number of games released on Steam worldwide from 2004 to 2024 YTD | Statista
Number Of Games Released On Steam Worldwide From 2004 To 2024 (Image By Statista)

After testing games on PlayRuo, I think the platform holds the potential to transform your game into the next big thing. It makes it easier for fans to discover your game. If the game surpasses their expectations, they will likely go ahead with the purchase. Consequently, you can turn more visitors into your loyal fans.

Will It Go Big Or Go Home?

PlayRuo tries to mimic what Google Stadia claimed to do in 2019. They allowed the players to play the game directly without downloading and installing it on their devices. However, Google shut down the service in 2023, citing the reason as “it hasn’t gained traction with users” in their announcement.

PlayRuo uses similar technology and concepts as Stadia but has significantly fewer servers than Google. Considering this, it is hard to say if it will have a notable impact on the industry. The team has to tackle significant hurdles before the platform can make a name for itself. However, with proper management and execution, PlayRuo can improve where Stadia went wrong.

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