Helldivers 2 Reviews Turning Positive Again After Sony Backtracks

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"Good Game, Glad Sony Backed Down"

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  • Helldivers received over 200K negative reviews shortly after Sony’s PlayStation ID requirement.
  • Following the new announcement, these reviews are slowly turning positive again.
  • At this rate, the game might return to ‘mostly positive’ reviews soon.

Helldivers 2 went from a Game of the Year contender to a delisted title in over 100 countries in a matter of days, owing to Sony’s decision to add a PlayStation account requirement. The decision was met by a vast outroar from fans.

Amidst all the chaos, Sony finally backtracked on its decision, marking a massive win for the community. The situation had also led to Helldivers 2 being review-bombed on Steam, but the reviews are now turning positive again.

Why it matters: This scenario is being celebrated as a testament to the PC audience’s willingness to stand up for what’s right. While some may have gone overboard, most are glad they were unwilling to accept a change that could have harmed Helldivers 2 in the long run.

Helldivers 2 reviews
Helldivers 2 is getting many positive reviews after the recent review bombing.

Just as the community gathered to raise their voices against Sony, they are now urging the millions in the Helldivers 2 fandom to change their reviews. This is happening across various forums and social media sites, including Twitter and Reddit.

While things might not be immediately back to how they were, Helldivers 2’s recent reviews are showing signs of positivity. This is delightful to see since much of the negativity was never directed toward the game.

Recent reviews acknowledge Sony’s announcement, with players responding within minutes of the update.

Good game, glad Sony backed down.


Helldivers 2
Helldivers 2 reviews turned to ‘Mixed’ after the recent controversy.

Interestingly, the situation was so bad at its worst that various other games were also impacted. The likes of God of War and the original Helldivers were review-bombed on Steam, with the latter upsetting director Johan Pilestedt.

Fortunately, the PC audience seems to have calmed down. Sony has yet to relist the game in most countries. Once this is done, Arrowhead’s live service release is expected to win back its mostly positive reviews on Steam.

Arrowhead’s commitment to the fans is also remarkable in this regard. The studio has constantly updated the fans on the ongoing events and stood by them. This is the reason democracy still stands, and Helldivers 2 has prevailed.

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