GTA 6 Should Incorporate GTA 4’s Physics System Into Its Gameplay

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GTA 5's Physics Were A Step Back From GTA 4!

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  • GTA 6 is set to be Rockstar’s next release, and there is a lot of hype for this title.
  • Among the many things I want for this game, I hope to see the studio return to GTA 4’s physics system.
  • Realistic ragdolls, meticulous attention to detail, and more made GTA 4’s physics the best in the series.
  • GTA 6 has no excuse not to offer a system that’s just as good or better due to the advanced hardware of modern consoles.

No game can match the anticipation for GTA 6. Rockstar and Take-Two have also added to the excitement, using phrases like “the team is aiming for perfection” and “GTA 6 will be something never done before.”

Personally, I’m hoping to see a real evolution of the Grand Theft Auto franchise next year. One area that I would like to see Rockstar making notable strides in is the physics system. In my opinion, the team should examine GTA 4’s physics and incorporate similar elements into GTA 6.

Why it matters: Modern AAA releases are too focused on looking better, but they ignore the simulation aspect. This has led to stalled growth in terms of reactivity and the dynamic nature of recent AAA titles. I hope to see Rockstar changing this.

GTA 4’s Physics Were Incredible

GTA 4’s Vehicles Took A lot of Skill To Master

It’s no secret that GTA 4 was a huge step up for this franchise. Moving on from the PS2 hardware, Rockstar unleashed the potential of the Euphoria engine, making for an unforgettable experience.

Let’s consider the driving systems as an example. Each car had real weight, and turning corners wasn’t effortless like in most games. Because of the realistic handling, this title offered a deeper driving experience than its predecessors.

The overall world was similarly reactive and dynamic. From basic actions like bumping into NPCs or shooting cops, everything was depicted with more detailed animations. For instance, NPCs would not immediately drop dead if they were shot.

Instead, they would limp and slowly fall over. Let’s not forget the incredibly advanced ragdolls, either. Jump out of a moving vehicle and Niko would roll over for miles before stopping.

This not only created hilarious moments but also added to the impact of such actions.

GTA 5 Was A Downgrade

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Coming to GTA 5, the game improved many aspects, such as overall gameplay, visuals, and the triple-protagonist mechanic. However, it also failed to impress me as a fan of GTA 4.

Driving was simplified, ragdolls were less exaggerated, and the game felt less reactive than its predecessor. Perhaps GTA 5’s changes, like the more accessible driving, made sense, but other elements were unfairly downgraded.

For example, the explosion of vehicles and car damage after collisions were less detailed. I enjoyed GTA 5 just as much as everyone else, but more than anything else, the game left me wanting a more advanced sequel for the IP.

GTA 6 Should Be A Huge Step Up

GTA 6 Looks Like A Major Graphical Upgrade, But What About The Physics?

GTA 6 will have access to much more capable hardware than GTA 4 and 5 did. It is also important to note that this game marks a two-generation jump for the franchise since the latter was initially designed for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

The trailer already shows how the game seems prepared to captivate audiences with its realistic visuals and lighting, as Rockstar uses ray tracing to bring the world to life. In my opinion, these visual upgrades should be accompanied by a brand-new physics engine.

Perhaps GTA 6 can find a solid middle ground between the hardcore simulation of GTA 4 and the watered-down physics of GTA 5. I’m cautiously optimistic since Red Dead Redemption 2 already had quite an intricate physics system.

Everything in that game, from the movement to the smallest of animations, was full of tiny details.

With GTA 6 now confirmed for a Fall 2025 launch, Rockstar may unveil the first gameplay trailer later this year. The excitement is higher than it has ever been, and I remain interested in how the studio is approaching the physics system of this ambitious entry.

While I don’t expect to be let down at all, a proper evolution of GTA 4’s physics system would be the icing on the cake for me.

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