God of War Creator Believes Atreus Turned Out To Be A “Terrible Character”

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GOW Creator Is Not A Fan of Atreus!

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  • The creator of God of War recently discussed the growth of the IP’s characters in the Norse entries.
  • He believes Atreus had a lot of potential, but the developers wasted it.
  • David Jaffe thinks that he turned out to be a terrible character.

The recent releases in the God of War franchise have seen massive success. God of War Ragnarok has already sold over 15 million units, and the fans have come to enjoy the new take on Kratos. However, series creator David Jaffe has different thoughts.

The developer previously stated that he’s unhappy with how Kratos’ character was developed in God of War Ragnarok. Several months later, he is back with criticisms directed at Atreus, calling him a “terrible character.”

Why it matters: Atreus received much more attention in God of War Raganrok than fans anticipated. It is also speculated that he will eventually receive his own standalone entry.

YouTube video

During a recent podcast, God of War director David Jaffe spoke with the creator of Days Gone. He discussed whether iconic characters, like Kratos and Drake, should grow in their latest games.

David Jaffe is no stranger to criticizing the latest iteration of Kratos. He pointed out that Santa Monica made him an old father instead of the rage-filled brute everyone liked from the original trilogy.

He believes it can be difficult to continue the series with this type of character and states that Atreus is no better. According to David Jaffe, Atreus should have come into his own by God of War Ragnarok, but this did not happen.

He pointed out that he still likes Atreus as Kratos’ son. However, David Jaffe feels Atreus should have become someone players would look up to and want to become eventually.

That guy needed to be set up by the end of Ragnarok to be like, ‘that dude is cool, I wanna be that guy.’ Ragnarok didn’t give us that.

-David Jaffe

He holds the opinion that fans could say something similar about the original trilogy’s take on Kratos but not Atreus.

God of War Ragnarok
God of War Ragnarok Is Headed To PC Soon

It’s no secret that many fans did not necessarily enjoy playing as Atreus in God of War’s latest outing. Most also seem uninterested in his growth as a character, with Kratos clearly being the heart of the series.

Though David Jaffe is known to have very unpopular opinions, this may not be one of them. He previously suggested PlayStation buy Ubisoft to compete with Xbox, highlighting how bizarre his opinions can often be.

Anyhow, fans looking forward to more God of War can anticipate the upcoming PC port in September.

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