Deceit 2 Interview – How World Makers Launched Its First Console Game

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Our latest interview went over Deceit 2, World Makers' thoughts on monetization, and more.

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  • Deceit 2 just landed on consoles.
  • Following its console release, we discussed various aspects of this social horror title with the team.
  • In the interview, we spoke about features like cross-play, World Makers’ plans, and more.

Deceit 2 stands out from most horror games on the market, offering a multiplayer experience that implements elements of social deduction, quick-thinking, and adapting to situations on the fly.

The game presents a constant game of a cat-and-mouse-like chase, keeping players on their feet as they evaluate who can be trusted. Expanding further, Deceit 2 landed on consoles recently, and we had the chance to speak with James Thompson, the CEO of World Makers, to discuss this release.

Our chat with the CEO covered the team’s future ambitions, recent collaborations with Microsoft, and the decision behind the shift to a free-to-play model.

Deceit 2
Deceit 2 Initially Launched As A Premium Title
Congratulations on launching Deceit 2 for consoles recently. Do you have any long-term goals for the game on this platform in particular?

James Thompson: Thanks. We’re delighted to have finally launched Deceit 2 on consoles with cross-play functionality. For this console release, our top priority is ensuring a consistent experience across all platforms.

Whether you’re on PC,  Xbox, or PlayStation, you’ll be receiving fresh new seasons dropping every couple of months with substantial updates. As this is our first foray into bringing a game to consoles, we’re still exploring ways to fully utilize console-specific features.

Things like haptic feedback in the controllers and proper surround sound implementation are on our roadmap to truly optimize the experience for our console audience. However, for now, the focus is on ensuring a smooth cross-platform experience where all players can enjoy the chaos of Deceit 2 together.

Can you elaborate on the hurdles you’re facing with the Xbox Series S|X versions? Any estimates for a release date?

James Thompson: We did encounter a last-minute hurdle that led to a slight delay in Deceit 2’s launch on Xbox platforms, but I’m pleased to say we’ve resolved that issue, and the game is now available.

As a new studio bringing our first title to consoles, we faced some unexpected challenges around platform certification requirements for day-one patches and updates. Each platform has its own set of stipulations publishers must adhere to for testing and releasing game updates.

While frustrating that we had to delay getting the game into player’s hands, it was a valuable learning experience that will better prepare us for future console launches.

Has Microsoft helped with the porting process now that you’re facing challenges?

James Thompson: Absolutely. Microsoft has been supportive throughout the porting process. We maintained an open line of communication, which allowed us to resolve the issue causing the launch delay fairly promptly.

Their guidance and assistance were invaluable as we navigated the unique requirements and hurdles of bringing Deceit 2 to their platforms for the first time.

Once this version is out, will crossplay be available across PC, PS5, and Xbox Series S|X?

James Thompson: Yes. Cross-play is out now. People are clearly enjoying playing with their friends across platforms.

The game recently went free to play. Can you explain why the team switched to this model? And how have players reacted to this switch?

James Thompson: Broadly speaking, the decision to transition Deceit 2 to a free-to-play model was popular with our players. We’ve witnessed a significant upswing in player numbers and received largely positive feedback from the community following the switch.

Our approach mirrors the one we employed successfully with the previous Deceit title. Once Deceit 2 had reached a stage where we felt confident opening it up to a wider audience, moving to a free-to-play model allowed us to remove barriers to entry.

At the end of the day, our goal is to craft an engaging experience that as many people as possible can easily dive into and enjoy. The recent numbers and reception indicate we’re on the right track.

With the game already featuring microtransactions like buyable skins, do you plan to evolve your monetization model following the transition to a free-to-play model?

James Thompson: Our current monetization approach for Deceit 2 revolves around a seasonal pass model, cosmetic microtransactions, and potential future DLC expansions. However, we understand that monetization strategies require continual evolution.

As we move forward, we intend to carefully evaluate player feedback and behaviors to refine our model accordingly. The ultimate goal is to craft an engaging experience that players find rewarding while implementing fair monetization practices.

We’re committed to striking that balance through an iterative process of listening to our community and making adjustments where necessary.

Deceit 2 saw a surge in Steam players last month. How do you hope to sustain the recent interest in the game?

James Thompson: We’re thrilled to see the surge in player interest for Deceit 2. To sustain and build on this momentum, we are actively expanding the game’s content and engaging with our community.

Our plans include rolling out new DLCs that introduce fresh terrors, an exciting new map, and innovative cursed roles, ensuring that the gameplay remains engaging and varied.

Moreover, we’re continuing with our season pass strategy, which offers players a clear roadmap of what they can expect in the months to come. This not only keeps the community informed but also excited about future updates.

Community feedback is vital to our development process. We’re committed to listening to our players and integrating their insights to refine and enhance the game experience continuously. This collaborative approach helps maintain and broaden the game appeal of the game.

<b></b>Do you think massive games like Among Us have opened this genre up to the masses?

James Thompson: The success of games like Among Us certainly highlights the widespread appeal and potential of the social deduction genre. As a precursor to Among Us, Deceit laid much of the groundwork for this genre, and we’re proud to see how these concepts have evolved and expanded over time.

We are particularly excited to bring a new twist on the social deduction game to console platforms, where there’s still a notable gap in the market. By introducing Deceit 2 to consoles, we aim to provide a unique, engaging experience that leverages the social dynamics and tension inherent in these games, making them accessible to an even broader audience.

What’s next for Deceit 2? Can you share a few teasers for future seasons and DLC?

James Thompson: Looking ahead, we have some thrilling developments in store for Deceit 2. Our next DLC is set to captivate our players with a vampire theme, introducing a brand new terror that promises to add a fresh layer of challenge and excitement to the gameplay.

Alongside this, we’re excited to unveil a completely new map that will offer new strategies and dynamics for our players to explore. We’re currently in the early stages of playtesting both the new terror and the map, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

It’s great fun seeing how these elements are coming together to enhance the player experience. As always, our future plans will be heavily influenced by our community. We actively listen to their feedback to guide the development of new content and features.

This collaborative approach ensures that Deceit 2 continues to evolve in ways that resonate with and excite our players.

Finally, would you like to share any closing thoughts?

James Thompson: On behalf of the whole studio, I’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the players who have embraced Deceit 2 and taken the time to provide us with valuable feedback. Your insights and suggestions are crucial to the ongoing development and improvement of the game.

If you’re interested in becoming more involved, I encourage you to join our Discord community. It’s a great space to discuss, share, and directly contribute to the game’s evolution. Being part of this conversation means you can help shape the future of Deceit 2.

We’re genuinely excited about growing and evolving the game with your help, and we look forward to seeing where our collective efforts will take us next.

Deceit 2
World Makers Is Keen On Supporting Deceit 2 For A Sustained Player Base

If you’re looking to play something with a group of multiple friends, Deceit 2 is the perfect starting place, especially after its recent console release. With features like proximity chat, it can scratch the same itch that millions adored during the peak of Among Us’ popularity.

The game is set to evolve with more DLC in the future, so we encourage readers who enjoy the genre to try Deceit 2. Finally, we thank CEO James Thompson for spending time with us for this interview.

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