Dave The Diver Interview – Mintrocket Open To Physical PlayStation Launch

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In our recent interview with Mintrocket, we went over Dave the Diver's Godzilla collaboration, a potential Xbox launch, and the team's opinions on subscriptions.

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  • Dave the Diver has made quite the name in the gaming scene.
  • We had the opportunity to interview Mintrocket before Dave the Diver’s Godzilla collaboration and PlayStation launch.
  • Our interview saw the team discussing PlayStation’s involvement in the port, plans for crossovers, and a hypothetical Xbox launch down the line.

Dave the Diver was perhaps the most refreshing game last year. Its rich cast of characters, varied gameplay that combines restaurant management and exploration, and charming aesthetic propelled it to the heights of gaming in 2023.

Achieving 3 million sales in no time, the game is set to expand further, with Mintrocket bringing the same experience to PlayStation on April 16. However, Gozilla, the King of Monsters, is set to join Dave on this platform.

With a new launch and DLC lined up for Dave the Diver, we recently had the opportunity to speak with director Jaeho Hwang, diving into subjects like the subscription model, Godzilla’s recent popularity, and more.

Dave the Diver
Dave the Diver Features The Burning Godzilla Variant
Congratulations on the upcoming PlayStation launch. How are you feeling about the latest release for Dave the Diver?

Jaeho Hwang: Thanks to the many people who have shown their love for the game and provided passionate feedback, we have been able to make many improvements and additions since its official release in June last year.

The PlayStation version incorporates all of these elements, and with unique additions such as haptic feedback for PlayStation5, we expect it to be a delightful experience.

How thrilled is the team to be collaborating with an iconic IP like Godzilla?

Jaeho Hwang: I personally love Godzilla and have developed a game themed around it in the past. Recently, there seems to be a growing Godzilla craze, with Godzilla Minus One being a big hit, so I’m excited to see how players will respond.

What was the motivation behind picking the Burning Godzilla variation for the DLC?

Jaeho Hwang: Godzilla’s design varies slightly from generation to generation. While I appreciate all the series, I find the Showa version a bit cute, and the post-millennium versions are more realistic.

So I went for the Heisei version, which has more of a Dave the Diver vibe to it. Specifically, I chose Burning Godzilla as the main character for this collaboration because of his powerful and cool appearance with his burst of energy.

On the subject of Godzilla, what are your thoughts on Godzilla Minus One and its recent Oscar win?

Jaeho Hwang: I think it was such a monumental event. I traveled to Japan to watch the film, as it had not yet been released in Korea. To see Godzilla portrayed not just as a simple kaiju but as a symbol of post-war horror was groundbreaking.

I was amazed at how effective the special effects and direction were without being over the top. As a fan, I was delighted to see them take home the Oscar in this category.

Do you plan on releasing the game on Xbox next?

Jaeho Hwang: We are constantly open to all platforms. However, we consider them sequentially as we are a small team, and we strive to give our best for each platform release.

What are your thoughts on subscription releases for indie games? Have you considered one for Dave the Diver?

Jaeho Hwang: I personally think it’s unfortunate that many excellent indie games don’t get enough recognition. I believe this might be due to uncertainty about the quality. The advantage of the subscription model is the ability to access and try out these games without any pressure.

I usually play them, and if they’re good, I purchase them for my collection. For Dave the Diver, even though it is a well-known game, I also think this model is a good option to reach a broader audience.

The PlayStation port supports major features like the DualSense controller. Did you work closely with PlayStation during the porting process?

Jaeho Hwang: Although our game has already been released, Sony has been very supportive, advising us on marketing strategies and player adoption.

They didn’t hesitate to offer advice on technical aspects, including methods to support both PlayStation4 and PlayStation5 simultaneously and how to effectively utilize special features like haptic feedback.

Will the DualSense features make their way over to the PC version?

Jaeho Hwang: Unfortunately, these features are not supported at the moment, but it is something we would like to explore in the long term.

Since you collaborated with Arc System Works for a physical Nintendo Switch release, can PlayStation fans expect a similar physical launch at some point?

Jaeho Hwang: As someone who always collects physical copies of my favorite games, I would definitely like to release a physical copy of Dave the Diver on PlayStation at some point. Please keep the requests coming in!

Can you elaborate on the new content coming with the Godzilla DLC? Any new mini-games that you’re excited for fans to try?

Jaeho Hwang:  The trailer briefly revealed a battle in which you control a submarine. Apart from that, there are also astonishingly new mini-games included, so be sure to give them a try.

What types of recipes will the DLC include? Perhaps something exquisite using the King of the Monsters himself?

Jaeho Hwang: In consultation with IP holder TOHO, the use of Kaiju as an ingredient will not be included. However, we plan to introduce Godzilla-inspired dishes instead.

First Dredge, and now Godzilla. What’s next for Dave the Diver? Can we expect more collaborations this year since you have expressed interest in crossing over with the likes of Subnautica before?

Jaeho Hwang: We love collaborations! We receive many proposals from outside, and we actively encourage the addition of new collaborative content on our end as well. Many of our players have asked for collaborations with Subnautica, and we will try to consider them at some point by any chance.

Speaking of Dredge, you mentioned before that you interacted with Black Salt Games via Discord. How did the Godzilla DLC come about?

Jaeho Hwang: Godzilla was a collaboration that I personally pitched to TOHO. They were quite surprised since it seemed like an unlikely fit, but they liked the concept and swiftly came to an agreement.

Are you still the one to reach out for more collaborations? Have the recent crossovers led to other teams reaching out themselves?

Jaeho Hwang: Yes, we are still on the lookout for exciting collaborations. Given the casual nature of the world of Dave the Diver and our ongoing efforts to seek out such collaborations, we receive many inquiries.

We will continue to explore content that we believe will entertain you and make the world of Dave the Diver shine.

Have you packed any exciting easter eggs for enthusiast Godzilla fans and those anticipating Godzilla x Kong in the new DLC?

Jaeho Hwang: There is only a limited version of kaiju directly in the game, but we’ve included content that will allow players to meet more of them in-game, much to the delight of Godzilla fans. Stay tuned for more!

Dave the Diver
Bancho Handles The Cooking In Dave the Diver

Dave the Diver is expected to go through another boom following the PlayStation launch. We hope to see Mintrocket supporting the game further through more platforms and content.

As the PlayStation launch approaches, we wish the team the best of luck for this much-awaited moment and all future endeavors. We would also like to thank director Jaeho Hwang for taking time out of his busy schedule for this interview.

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