Corsair Branches Out Into Modular Desks With Platform 6

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New Desk For PC Users!

[Press Release] Corsair has now made its way into a lot more segments than what the company was initially recognized for. The gaming giant has recently introduced its first standing desk, the Corsair Platform 6.

Announced at Gamescom, the desk is expected to be available later this year in Q4 at some point. It brings a wide range of features, serving as the perfect add-on to existing and brand-new PC setups.

Compared to the competition, the standing desk from Corsair includes a rail system that runs the entire length of the standing desk. Furthermore, Corsair will include two dual-monitor arm stands bundled with the standing desk.

The Platform 6 is designed with customization in mind. Therefore, the rail system is compatible with aftermarket accessories. This is also good news for people who like to 3D print their accessories, as it allows the use of custom mounts with the desk.

The Corsair Platform 6 will be available in two models. These include a fixed and a motorized standing desk option.

Users will also be able to make other adjustments to the desk through customization, including changes to the size, rail system, surface material, and other necessary things.

Both models of the Platform 6 will also include a wire management tray to hide all the untidy cables in one spot. An in-desk storage cubby adds further cleanliness to the overall setup.

This cubby comes with USB Type-A and Type-C ports, resulting in an organized set of wires for all kinds of setups. Users can visit the official website to learn more information.

Corsair Platform 6 is designed for content creators, gamers, and PC enthusiasts, with an emphasis on its modular design. Currently, there is no exact launch date or price for the Corsair Platform 6, but more information will be unveiled soon.

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