Intel Core i9 14900K Expected To Be Up to 9% Faster Than Predecessor

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With 200MHz Higher Frequency!

Compared to other processors in the Raptor Lake Refresh lineup, the upcoming Core i9 14900K is expected to ship with the same core count as its predecessor. Therefore, the Intel Core i9 14900K will feature 8 performances and 16 efficient cores.

The Intel Core i7 14700K is expected to ship with 4 extra efficient cores compared to the Intel Core i7 13700K. However, instead of increasing the number of physical cores, Intel has opted for an increase in the operating frequency of the Core i9 14900K with a boost of 200 MHz.

A leaked screenshot of an engineering sample of the Core i9 14900K was recently shared by Wxnod.

It shows a frequency of 6,000 MHz with a Thermal Velocity Boost(TVB). The 6,000 MHz frequency is limited to the performance cores and appears stable at a TDP of 125W @ 1.385V.

Running at 6.0 GHz, the Intel Core i9 14900K achieved 978 points in single-core and 18117.5 points in multi-core performance in CPU-Z. This is close to a 10% uplift over its predecessor.

The Intel Core i9 13900K and Core i9 12900K were able to score 891 and 819 in single-core performance and 16701 and 11424 in multi-core performance, respectively.

The lower score of the Alder Lake Core i9 12900K can be attributed to its limited core count, which came with just 8 performance and efficient cores. This is also why the Core i9 12900K scored low in multi-core performance.

Intel appears to have further improved the efficiency of the Core i9 14900K since the chip only needs 125W to reach a boost frequency of 6.0 GHz. The Core i9 13900KS can also reach 6.0GHz but needs a higher TDP of 150W.

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