The President of Brazil Thinks Games Lead To Violence Among Children

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The President Is Not A Fan Of Games!

Many politicians and ministers who do not fully understand and follow video games have had harsh comments on the gaming industry, and this time, it is coming straight from the Brazilian President.

Gamers may have heard similar stuff when politicians and newspapers harshly commented about games like GTA and believed that such games would normalize killing and violence among younger people.

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During a recent meeting, the President of Brazil stated that games promote violence and death. While giving an example of his son, he said:

“When my son cries, I immediately give him a tablet to play with”

The President of Brazil thinks that there are no games that spread love or talk about education. He further stated:

“There is no game talking about love. There is no game talking about education. It’s always a game teaching kids to kill.”

Moreover, The President of Brazil refers to games as the second World War because there are countless deaths in video games, yet kids are spending their time playing the game. He further said that he doubts that there are kids out there who are 8-12 years old and are not spending a great time playing such “trash.”

While concern about violence in gaming has existed for a long time, plenty of franchises like Fifa, Minecraft, NBA, and more are wildly popular in the industry without relying on violence.

Nonetheless, it is safe to say that the President of Brazil, Luiz InĂĄcio Lula da Silva, is not a fan of video games. It should also be noted that the original conversation is not in English, and the text provided above is a rough translation.

This is not the first time gamers have heard something like this from politicians or the media, and this might not be the last time, as there will always be some people complaining about video games.

Do you agree with him? Share your opinions with us in the comments.

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