Bethesda Was Confused And Frustrated With Xbox Keeping Activision Games Multiplatform

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Confused Why Bethesda Games Became Exclusives!

Over two years ago, Microsoft purchased ZeniMax Media and became the owner of Bethesda Softworks. Following the acquisition, Microsoft decided to make various games from the publisher exclusive to Xbox Series S|X platforms.

The gaming giant canceled PlayStation versions of Redfall and Indiana Jones, and Starfield is also exclusive to Xbox. However, Microsoft claims to take a different approach with Activision Blizzard.

Microsoft has promised to release Call of Duty on PlayStation and rival platforms, but this previously caused confusion and frustration for Pete Hines from Bethesda.

Why it matters: Microsoft’s previous treatment of Bethesda games has been brought up as evidence against the company’s recent claims.


According to an internal email, Pete Hines was unhappy with Microsoft’s sudden shift in direction with Activision Blizzard titles. He said:

“I’m confused. Is the below not the opposite of what we were just asked (told) to do with our own titles?”

Pete Hines also pointed out that Todd Howard would be headed to Dice, and a journalist could bring this up during an interview. Furthermore, he mentioned The Elder Scrolls 6, potentially hinting at exclusivity for Bethesda’s next big RPG.

It should be noted that Microsoft claimed that exclusivity would be decided separately for each Bethesda game. The gaming giant still supports titles like Fallout 76 on PlayStation, but various big releases have been made exclusive to Xbox.

Recently, Phil Spencer claimed that The Elder Scrolls 6 is not coming before 2028. Therefore, exclusivity for the game is undecided.

This email was also mentioned during Microsoft’s recent court hearing against the FTC. When asked about the email, Pete Hines confirmed that Microsoft would continue to use a case-by-case approach for future Bethesda games.

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