Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, Greg Joswiak, has finished the wave of rumors by confirming that the future Apple iPhones will use the market standard connector, USB-C instead of the proprietary Lightning connector. 

This decision is linked to compliance with the new regulations of the European Commission. A few days ago USB-C port was voted as the expected industry standard, so Apple is practically the only one affected by the decision.

The new iPhone 15 will be getting a USB-Type C port. This is perhaps the most relevant change in the latest devices, and they do so in a mandatory way to comply with the regulations of the European Union. Otherwise, the company could not sell its devices throughout European territory.

“We have no choice — as we do around the world, [Apple will] comply with local laws,” said Greg Joswiak, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing.

“We think it would have been better environmentally and better for our customers to not have a government be that prescriptive.”

USB-C vs. Lightning
USB-C vs. Lightning

The vice president of marketing also talked about how the EU drove the adoption of micro-USB 10 years ago. The EU’s concern was that users would have to have multiple adapters with different connectors. But Apple made detachable cables so they could be easily swapped out. According to the executive, this measure allowed more than a billion people to continue using their Lightning cables instead of throwing them away and creating a “heap of electronic waste. “

Apple has also previously cited environmental concerns for not accompanying its new devices with the classic charger. The tech giant said doing so would save 861,000 tons of metal and fuel by fitting more iPhones into shipping containers due to reduced box size with no charger. However, the company’s explanation did not convince everyone, and Apple has been fined several times in Brazil for only offering its iPhone charger as an additional purchase.

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