Anthem Could Have Had Cyberpunk-Like Comeback if Bioware Stuck With it

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Anthem 2.0 Could Have Been A Game-Changer!

Story Highlight
  • Anthem had a beautiful world with exciting flying mechanics and a promising story with well-developed characters.
  • The narrative leading up to the final fight was interesting.
  • But the endgame missions were repetitive and failed to deliver a satisfying conclusion.
  • Unlike Cyberpunk 2077, which received significant updates to improve the game, Anthem lacked a clear roadmap for future content.

The release of Anthem brought a lot of excitement to gamers. myself included. Despite the bugs and glitches typical of early access, the experience of soaring through the skies in a custom Javelin was nothing short of exhilarating.

A world teeming with vibrant alien life and the allure of cooperative monster-hunting adventures โ€“ Anthem had all the ingredients for a genre-defining masterpiece. However, upon release, it fell short, plagued by technical glitches, repetitive content, and a shallow endgame.

Yet, beneath the cracks remained a solid foundation that could have transformed Anthem into the incredible game it always aspired to be with proper support. Interestingly, it sold 5 million units before it was shut down, which is not bad for a game that most people know as a failure.

Why it matters: Anthem was formally shut down in 2021 because of various reasons. However, an online petition to bring back Anthem 2.0 has nearly reached 5000 signatures.

Anthem had so much potential
BioWare never gave Anthem the support it deserved.

Breathtaking Bastion

Anthem’s world, Bastion, was stunning to behold. It featured lush jungles, sparkling waterfalls, and creepy volcanic landscapes that captivated the eye.

Moving through this world in my Javelin was truly thrilling. BioWare nailed the sensation of weight and strength as I flew through the skies, dodging massive worms and battling formidable Scar enemies.

Exploring the stunning open world of Anthem to gather crafting material never felt like a chore. The dynamic weather and incredible views turned every gathering trip into a visually stunning adventure.

Anthem Bastion
Bastion’s visuals were breathtaking in Anthem.

The Narrative Was Great Until the Endgame

Anthem’s storytelling leading up to the endgame was what hooked me. Characters like Brin and Matthias were so well-developed, adding depth and charm to the narrative.

Matthias, especially with his endearing quirks, and the storyline involving the Manifold puzzle was delightful. These standout moments hinted at the game’s potential for greatness.

Before the “final” showdown, Anthem’s world was a vibrant canvas of adventure. Each storyline victory transformed the once-devastated city of Tarsis into a symbol of hope, bustling with life and resilience.

Interactions with its inhabitants felt genuine, and it immersed me further into the narrative and forged a real connection with the game world. However, the game suffered from a severe lack of endgame content.

Missions often boiled down to repetitive fetch quests and enemy slaughters, failing to capitalize on the world’s potential for a better ending. The detailed storyline before the endgame came to an abrupt stop, leaving a majority of the player base confused and unsatisfied.

Unlike games like Destiny 2, which regularly update content to keep players engaged, Anthem lacked a clear plan for future updates. This uncertainty, combined with communication issues from the development team, raised doubts about the game’s future.

Anthem's Storyline Had Potential
The game serves as a reminder of the immense potential that can be squandered by a lack of commitment.

Anthem Deserved Proper Support

BioWare’s initial post-launch content releases could have been faster and more impressive. While the studio attempted to address bugs and add new gear, the core issues remained.

The much-needed story expansions and more diverse endgame activities never materialized. Rumors of a complete overhaul surfaced but were ultimately scrapped, leaving players with a game that felt unfinished and abandoned.

Regrettably, BioWare’s move to focus on other projects essentially doomed Anthem. The game stands as a warning โ€“ a symbol of untapped possibilities. It underscores the significance of ongoing support after launch, particularly for live-service games like Anthem.

Anthem’s fate stands in sharp contrast to the recent resurgence of Cyberpunk 2077. Remember the rocky launch plagued with bugs and glitches? CD Projekt Red, the team behind Cyberpunk 2077, faced heavy criticism.

Yet, they committed to fixing the game, rolling out numerous patches and an expansion that greatly improved its stability and content. Though the journey to redemption was lengthy, Cyberpunk 2077’s player base has grown substantially, showcasing the impact of ongoing post-launch support.

If BioWare had taken a similar approach with Anthem, prioritizing core issues and delivering meaningful content updates, the game might have experienced a similar revival.

Imagine Anthem with a compelling endgame and regular content releases โ€“ it could have evolved into a vibrant online community. Here’s hoping its solid online gameplay will be repurposed for EA Motive’s open-world Iron Man game so that it does not end up completely wasted.

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