Dev Believes AAA Prince of Persia Can’t Co-Exist With Assassin’s Creed

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Assassin's Creed Replaced Prince of Persia!

The Prince of Persia series is set to return to the industry in 2024. The last game from the franchise came out in 2010, and ever since then, Ubisoft has never looked back at the franchise until recently.

With a new game coming in 2024 and a remake already announced, fans also hope for a new AAA title in the series. Much to everyone’s disappointment, this might not happen anytime soon.

During a recent interview, the Prince of Persia creator stated that 2D games make complete sense for many reasons, including the Assassin’s Creed franchise.

Why it matters: Despite its age, the franchise has a large fanbase worldwide. This has also led to demand for different releases covering all genres, including a high-budget AAA action-adventure game.

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During a recent interview with TheGamer, Jordan Mechner discussed the current state of the Prince of Persia franchise. Jordan Mechner is also known as the creator of the series.

While discussing the recently announced 2D game, Jordan Mechner stated that this was the right pick for the series. He believes that Assassin’s Creed’s existence is one of the reasons for this justification, and said:

 “You only have to look at Mirage to realize there’s no way that a second triple-A game in Persia with realistic AC-style production values can exist alongside that.”

Jordan Mechner went on to confirm that Ubisoft had already tried to create AAA Prince of Persia games over the last few years. However, none of those attempts worked out and had to be canceled.

The creator believes that the series cannot co-exist with Assassin’s Creed as the latter has effectively replaced the franchise in the gaming industry. Fans should also note the Assassin’s Creed franchise began as a spin-off based on Prince of Persia.

Since its inception, Assassin’s Creed has found great success. It has sold over 200 million units, becoming Ubisoft’s most successful IP to date. This also means that the gaming giant is wholly focused on the series, planning 11 games for the future.

While Jordan Mechner is right to point out similarities between a potential Prince of Persia game and Assassin’s Creed, the latter will soon be moving to locations like Japan and 16th-century Central Europe.

This could allow Ubisoft an opportunity to create AAA titles in the franchise, but this is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

While the creator is pleased with the 2D gameplay, fans on Youtube have been less welcoming to The Lost Crown. Following its reveal, the game was flooded with dislikes on Youtube.

Nonetheless, the game is yet to be released, and it remains to be seen if the complete product will impress audiences.

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