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TSMC increases production of 20nm

AMD will overtake Apple as TSMC’s largest customer thanks to Zen4 @ 5nm

Following Intel's request for wafers from TSMC, AMD wants to strengthen its presence and ensure that it has more wafers to bring its products to...
AMD Ryzen 4000 TSMC

TSMC’s Enhanced 5nm (N5P) manufacturing process is exclusive to AMD

Industry sources had indicated that Apple and Huawei would take a large number of 5nm wafers for the creation of new SoCs that will give life...
TSMC 5nm

TSMC 5nm can increase density by up to 84-87% compared to 7nm

We already have new details pertaining to TSMC's next-Generation lithography, and we are talking about 5nm N5P (an improved version of the original 5nm / N5), where a...
Unisoc T7520 SoC

Unisoc T7520: The first SoC manufactured by TSMC @ 6nm

While most of the TSMC partners are already using their 7nm EUV (7nm +), Unisoc is the first company to receive a product developed under the...

TSMC will be responsible for manufacturing Nvidia GPUs @ 7nm

During the 2019 GTC in Suzhou, China, CEO of Nvidia Jensen Huang told attendees that most orders for their next generation of GPUs @ 7nm will be handled...
TSMC increases production of 20nm

Nvidia, Mediatek, Huawei and Hisilicon may suffer from chemical contamination at TSMC factory

An incident occurred at the Fab14B plant (Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan) of world's largest contract manufacturer of semiconductor chips "TSMC". Due to a defective batch...
PlayStation 4 PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 will take advantage of the 7nm manufacturing process – TSMC

There are more and more rumors about the PlayStation 5, and you know, when the river sounds, carries water, and one of the most important...

TSMC Will Build Factory In Taiwan For 3nm and 5nm Chips

TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.), one of the largest producers of semiconductors in the world, currently has a 55 percent global market share in manufacturing chips,...

TSMC will produce Pascal GP100 GPU Core for NVIDIA

TSMC is sampling the interposer of Big Pascal AKA the GP100 and according to bitsandchips, it would be no less than 1200 mm2 in size (for comparison, the GPU...
TSMC increases production of 20nm

NVIDIA in trouble, Earthquake more damaging to TSMC than expected

Taiwan suffered from an earthquake on 6, February with a magnitude of 6.4 that struck the country's semiconductor giant, TSMC. After the incident, TSMC announced...

TSMC begins mass production of 16nm FinFET, 7nm for Q2 2017

Mark Liu, President and Co-CEO of TSMC has announced during the financial announcement of 2Q 2015 that they has begun mass production of chips...
TSMC increases production of 20nm

Majority Of Apple A9 To Be Produced By TSMC

A report uncovers that TSMC will be in charge of 70 percent production of Apple A9 and A9X chips. The remaining will be relegated to...




AMD Ryzen 7

AMD closes its Third Quarter with record revenue: + 56% compared...

After announcing the acquisition of Xilinx, AMD announced the financial results of the third quarter (Q3 2020) with record income. The company Revenue was no...