Why Genshin Impact’s Excessive Grinding Makes Everyone Hate It

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Let's add RNG to everything, what could go wrong?

Story Highlights
  • Genshin Impact’s excessive grinding frustrates players with limited daily rewards, RNG-based loot drops, and daunting leveling requirements.
  • Despite Hoyoverse’s attempts to introduce new mechanics, Genshin Impact’s grinding issues remain a major source of player discontent.
  • The game’s artifact system, with its low drop rates and RNG-based upgrades, is particularly notorious for its punishing grind.

With its beautiful character designs, gorgeous scenery, and easy-to-grasp combat, Genshin Impact is a game that can be played by both casual players and hardcore Gacha fans alike. Despite that, most people associate Genshin with a more casual player base, and that’s largely because of its unrewarding grinding system. From necessary Boss Drops being based on RNG to the accursed artifact system, why exactly is it that the community as a whole hates the system?


Resin Refresh - Genshin Impact
Refreshing Resin (Image by Tech4Gamers)

Hoyoverse is based in China. This means they have to abide by laws put forward for games there. Due to this, they’ve set up a Resin system that makes it so playing for more than a couple of hours a day isn’t worthwhile. This might seem like a good thing at first, until you realize there’s a cap. You cannot collect more than it. If you want to build any character, you must play the game daily.

There are Condensed Resins, which help a bit, but you can only collect 5 of them. At most, you have to play every other day if you want to build characters.

Levelling Up A Character

Genshin Character Level Up
Genshin Character Level Up (Image by Genshin Helper Team)

In Genshin Impact, trying out different character playstyles is a big part of the fun. But unlocking and fully powering up new characters isn’t easy. To max out a character at level 90, you’ll need about 2 million Mora just for leveling up. Upgrading their skills costs another million each, though most players only focus on two skills. So, even if you already have a decent weapon, you’re still looking at investing around 4 million Mora in a single character.

Genshin Character Level Up Menu
EXP Mats Saved For Arlecchino (Image by Tech4Gamers)

And then there’s the constant need for EXP Books to level up because passive experience gain is insignificant. To hit level 90, you’ll need roughly 425 of the highest rarity EXP Books. Without actively farming for them and possibly missing out on chances to upgrade gear.

If you decide to use your resources wisely and look out for events, 10 days of farming the EXP leylines inclusively can be enough. Genshin doesn’t have a feature to reinvest your resources into a different character. 


Finally, the bane of every player’s existence. The single worst grinding system to ever exist. While it isn’t bad for casual players, mostly due to the lack of late-game content, it’s something straight out of hell for anyone looking to optimize their builds. You could farm a single piece of equipment for multiple months without getting a usable piece, much less an optimal one. 

Artifact System
Artifact System (Image by Tech4Gamers)

Without going too deeply into it, you have to have 4 pieces of the same type of equipment to make a set. Every run, you get 1-2 pieces. For every piece (excluding the feather and the headpiece), you have about 6-12 choices. After all of that, each piece has 4 (or sometimes 3, but let’s assume 4) substats. Each substat has a 25% to level up every 4 levels.

Whenever a substat levels up, the amount of stats gained is also based on RNG. You’ll also need Mora to upgrade your artifacts. Depending on your luck, you can end up spending millions of it without getting a single good piece. Instead of starving yourself out in domains all year round, you can use the Genshin Optimizer for your builds.

A user on Hoyolab tried calculating the odds of getting a perfect piece for his Ayaka. The equation showed that the chance is less than one in a trillion. Another person corrected this to around 1 in 27.5 billion, but that’s still impossible to achieve. Remember that this is all for a perfect piece; getting a complete set would further heighten this number. Basically, it sucks.

Is Hoyoverse Doing Anything To Fix This?


The game’s too old for any direct changes. However, they’re trying out new ways that seem somewhat effective. With the Dendro element being released and the new Fontainian characters using HP drain and Bond of Life mechanics, previously useless characters and stats such as healing bonus and elemental master have now become relevant. 

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