The Snapdragon X Elite CPU Is Going To Change Everything

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  • The Snapdragon X Elite supports major Windows on ARM apps and up to three external UHD monitors, enhancing productivity and versatility.
  • It offers exceptional multi-threaded performance and energy efficiency with a 4nm process node.
  • It features a powerful AI engine and real-time ray tracing, which is ideal for gaming and multimedia tasks.

Qualcomm certainly isn’t a small brand, but you’d typically associate it with smartphone processors, not laptop processors. But they changed everything in 2024 with the launch of their brand new Snapdragon X Elite processor. 

Here are some reasons why the Snapdragon X Elite is a strong competitor to Intel and AMD processors:

ARM App Supported Windows

Qualcomm’s previous ARM Processors faced a significant challenge due to the lack of support for native apps. However, with the introduction of the Snapdragon X Elite, major app developers such as Google, Spotify, and Adobe are now on board, providing support for Windows on Arm.

The ARM-based Snapdragon X Elite is poised to improve Windows laptops in every way, from higher multi-core performance scores to stronger AI performance capabilities and more efficient power consumption. With these advancements, I believe Windows on ARM will finally be able to compete with Apple’s M3 MacBooks and even M4 devices in some ways.

Checks All Boxes

The Snapdragon X Elite is an ARM64 SoC with an Oryon CPU, Adreno GPU, and Hexagon NPU. This new CPU is expected to revolutionize Windows on ARM devices.

Four versions of the X Elite have been announced, each offering a slightly different performance. They’re powerful and efficient, and boast the strongest NPU for AI acceleration in mobile PCs. 

Snapdragon X Elite Specifications
Snapdragon X Elite Specifications ( Image via Qualcomm)

Snapdragon X Elite CPU Is A Powerhouse

I’ve been incredibly impressed by the Snapdragon X Elite CPU’s performance capabilities. With a high number of cores and threads, it excels in both single-threaded and multi-threaded workloads, effortlessly handling even the most demanding applications I throw at it.
What really stands out to me is the advanced semiconductor manufacturing technology used in the Snapdragon X Elite.

It employs a 4nm process node, which strikes a perfect balance between power and efficiency. This means I get reduced power consumption and enhanced battery life, making my device run smoother and longer.

A Game Changer

The Snapdragon X Elite supports advanced graphical features such as real-time ray tracing, which simulates how light interacts with objects to produce highly realistic lighting, shadows, and reflections. This capability can transform the visual quality of games, making environments more lifelike and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

Snapdragon X Elite Gaming
Snapdragon X Elite Gaming (Image via

Additionally, the CPU supports high-definition displays and high refresh rates, which are crucial for a seamless gaming experience. Whether playing fast-paced action games or exploring detailed open-world environments, a gamer can expect crisp visuals and responsive gameplay.

Enhanced AI Capabilities

The AI capabilities of the Snapdragon X Elite have truly blown me away. It has a powerful AI engine that can execute trillions of operations per second, allowing for real-time data analysis and decision-making right at my fingertips.

One of the coolest features for me is its ability to run generative AI LLM models with over 13 billion parameters directly on the device at incredibly high speeds. Plus, with the updated dual Micro NPU within the ultra-low power Qualcomm Sensing Hub, my security, login experience, and privacy are all significantly enhanced.

Support for Up To Three External UHD Monitors

The Snapdragon X Elite processor is capable of supporting up to three external UHD monitors, operating at 60 Hz. This feature enables users to expand their workspace and boost productivity, whether for professional or gaming purposes.

The processor’s ability to support multiple monitors while ensuring a seamless display experience makes it an attractive option for me as I am generally seeking enhanced efficiency while gaming.

Energy Efficiency And Sustainability

As concerns about energy consumption and sustainability continue to rise, the Snapdragon X Elite CPU tackles these issues directly. Its advanced manufacturing process and architectural design prioritize energy efficiency, resulting in lower power consumption and reduced heat generation.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite processor offers top performance and up to 22 hours of battery life while prioritizing sustainability with eco-friendly materials and reduced manufacturing carbon footprint. If you’re a gamer and don’t want to worry about short battery life, this is the processor for you.

Snapdragon X Elite Vs Intel Core Ultra 7 155H
Snapdragon X Elite Vs Intel Core Ultra 7 155H ( Screenshot from Linus Tech Tips)

It Is The Way Forward

The Snapdragon X Elite CPU is a breakthrough in technology, offering top-notch performance, amazing graphics, and smart AI features. This sets a new benchmark for both mobile and PC devices. By adopting this advanced processor, users enter a world of incredible speed and efficiency, providing an unmatched experience for gamers, developers, and technology fans.

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