Star Citizen Has Raised $700 Million But No Release Date Is In Sight

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  • Star Citizen started its crowdfunding drive over a decade ago.
  • The developer’s official website has revealed that $700 million has been raised already.
  • Many are still wondering whether this funding is an elaborate scam.

Star Citizen has become one of the most controversial games in the industry. While the game was supposed to be released over a decade ago, it still hasn’t been launched after 12 years.

However, developer Cloud Imperium Games continues raising more funds for the project each year. Its latest update confirms that over $700 million has been raised.

Why it matters: The game has often been criticized for its virtual spaceships, which cost hundreds of dollars. Many are also concerned about the supposed release date, which never seems to arrive.

Star Citizen
Star Citizen Funds Raised ( Source: Cloud Imperium Games )

Cloud Imperium Games’ official website made the Star Citizen revenues publicity available for everyone to see. The game has already raised over $701,186,615.

They not only made it publicly available but also broke down the revenue by recent months, weeks, and hours. The game gathers around $42,886 in an hour and around $1.5 million just yesterday.

It gathered over $10,883,513 last week and $4,753,264 in April. Star Citizen also saw much better numbers after the recent release of the Alpha 3.23 update. While the developers previously promised to launch Star Citizen Alpha 4.0 in 2024, no update has been provided on this version so far.

Star Citizen
Star Citizen Has Been In Crowdfunding Drive For Over A Decade

Despite much criticism over the developer’s crowdfunding tactics, it seems Star Citizen cannot be stopped.

Many have even called the funding an elaborate scam since the final release is nowhere in sight. Still, with $700 million raised, the studio is likely to continue making millions from crowdfunding until this eventual release date arrives.

Star Citizen still has a dedicated community built around its unique experience. While a full release may not be coming anytime soon, the studio hopes to share a more elaborate roadmap by the end of 2024.

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