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AMD Mining Cryptocurrency

More than 3 million GPUs were sold in 2017 for Cryptocurrency Mining

It is not news for anyone that the market for graphics cards has suffered strong inflation since 2017 due to the large consumption of...
AMD Mining Cryptocurrency

Latest AMD drivers offer support for mining with twelve graphics cards

AMD launches the Radeon Crimson ReLive 17.10.3, which offers official support for up to 12 graphics cards, only compatible with the AMD RX 500...
AMD Mining Cryptocurrency

AMD Launches AMDGPU-PRO Beta Mining Driver 17.40 for Linux

AMD announced the release of its AMDGPU-PRO Beta Mining Driver 17.40 for Linux users. It is the first official driver from Red camp for Linux operating system exclusively for cryptocurrency...
mining Cryptocurrency NVIDIA

500 million PCs are mining Cryptocurrency without their owners knowing it

AdGuard, one of the most popular plugins to block advertisement on websites has announced that they have found at least 220 of top 100k web...

Inno3D introduces two NVIDIA GPUs; Exclusive to Ethereum and Zcash mining

Inno3D introduces its NVIDIA-based Ethereum and Zcash mining graphics cards, specifically announces the Inno3D GeForce106-100 and the Inno3D GeForce 106-090. Inno3D has announced graphics cards...
the pirate bay coin mining

The Pirate Bay Uses Visitors’ CPUs for Mining Coins – Report

Piracy web pages and torrent downloading programs have been accused of stealing users' hardware for coin mining in the past but it seems that...
ASRock H110 PRO BTC +

ASRock H110 PRO BTC + Motherboard for Mining with 13 Slots for GPUs

After ASUS, Sapphire, MSI and other vendors announced their exclusive Cryptocurrency mining GPUs, ASRock goes one step ahead and announced the launch of its new H110 Pro...
NVIDIA GPU Mining System

NVIDIA GPU Mining System Revealed With 8x Pascal GP106-100 GPUs

The rumors were true, with increasingly popular Cryptocurrency mining that rely on graphics cards to bring out revenue, such as Ethereum, ZCash and Monero. NVIDIA is...
Cryptocurrency Mining

AMD and NVIDIA Preparing GPUs Focused On Cryptocurrency Mining

New rumors indicate that AMD and NVIDIA are preparing to launch graphics cards exclusively designed for mining, in this way AMD would see how it...

AMD Radeon R9 Fury X Is A Favorite Card For Mining? 3D Rendering And...

Behind us, the newly launched graphics card Radeon R9 Fury X, which is well-suited to play demanding games on 4k resolution. But how well...
uTorrent Denies It Is Not Mining Bitcoins

uTorrent Denies It Is Not Mining Bitcoins

You do cautiously examine the entirety of the user agreements that are displayed before your vision before clicking on OK, don’t you ? Well,...

The new trend of Crypto Gambling & Proof of Stake – What’s behind it?

In the last couple of years, much has changed in the gaming and gambling industry. The source of this rapid change is the introduction...




Xbox Series X

Seagate Launches 2TB and 512GB Expansion Cards for Xbox Series Consoles

Seagate, in collaboration with Microsoft announced the launch of new Expansion Cards for the Xbox Series X and S. In addition to the existing...