NVIDIA Will Replace 12VHPWR Connector With “Safer” 12V-2×6

Finally Solving 12VHPWR Issues!

Since the first melting connector problem with the 16-pin 12VPHWR connector was reported, Nvidia has been working hard to develop a solution.

Many users came up with different clarifications for the melting 12VPHWR connectors, but it was eventually narrowed down to user error and an improper connector between the power supply and the graphics card.

To ensure that users do not make this error, the main objective of Nvidia has been to minimize such instances by coming up with a new design to enhance the safety features in the revision of the 16-pin connector.

According to Igor’sLAB, Nvidia has been working on a new design for the 12VPHWR connector for a few months, and this improved version will be known as 12V2x6.


The 16-pin 12V2x6 power connector is a new version of PCIe Base 6 specifications. Furthermore, the new design was also proposed by PCIE SIG under its CEM 5.1 specifications for its improved ATX 3.1 specs.

The revised 12V2x6 power connector is compatible with the current 12VPHWR connector. However, a firmware update will be needed for the graphics card or the power supply because of adjusted power metrics and new specifications.

The new revised design for the 12V2x6 power connector mainly focused on the pins inside the connector. The new design demonstrates the same pin design, which is now put further back.

This will ensure that users do not make the error of improper connector between the graphics card and power supply, ensuring there is no power unless the cable is fully inserted into the 12V2x6 power connector.

The specifications for the 12V2x6 power connector are not yet final. Igor’sLAB believes it is highly unlikely that the design will see further improvements because companies like MSI have already launched new ATX 3.0 power supplies that come with the power connector.

Nvidia 12V2x6 connector

The new 12V2x6 connector is expected to arrive next year, potentially with the release of Nvidia mid-range refresh cards.

This revision sounds excellent on paper. However, real-world tests will let users know how successful these revisions will be from PCI SIG and Nvidia.

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Malik Usman
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