Indika Interview – The Devil Is More Than Just A Plot Element

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We spoke to Odd Meter in our latest interview and discussed the team's take on the devil, Indika's total playtime, and more.

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  • Indika offers a unique perspective on the relationship between a nun and the devil.
  • Ahead of this launch, we had the opportunity to discuss the game’s central themes with Odd Meter.
  • We also covered challenges in development, post-release plans, and more during the interview.

Indika’s concept is so unique that it’s hard to ignore. A Russian nun, the devil himself, and an alternate 19th-century setting all come together for what could be one of 2024’s most unique story-driven adventure games.

Developer Odd Meter leans into the psychological elements of these themes, exploring the nun’s relationship with an odd companion like the devil. To discuss these elements further, we recently spoke with Odd Meter founder and Indika director Dmitry Svetlow.

Indika Is Based On Unreal Engine 4
What inspired the idea of a nun and the devil journeying together in an alternate 19th-century Russia?

Dmitry Svetlow: The theme of religion has always been deeply interesting to me. I grew up in a very religious family, and my mother and I often stayed for weeks at a time in a women’s monastery as pilgrims. Thus, the story is deeply rooted in my personal experience and my path of moving away from religion.

How will the game explore the clash between religious faith and harsh realities? Will the devil be a literal figure or a metaphor for something else?

Dmitry Svetlow: I wouldn’t say that the clash between faith and harsh reality is the main theme of the game. Indika is primarily a story about a person, not about religion, although the setting of the Russian Orthodox Church is most suitable for our story.

In a good story, everything literal is a metaphor for something else. I don’t want to reveal all the details before the release, and even after, I’d like players to figure out some things for themselves.

How will the devil function as a companion? Will there be mechanics for interaction or influence between them?

Dmitry Svetlow: Yes, certain game mechanics revolve around interactions with the devil, although players will only see him towards the end of the game.

What are Indika's motivations for undertaking this journey? Will players have choices that shape their character and relationship with the devil?

Dmitry Svetlow: Indika’s motivations, her dreams, and her secret desires are some of the intrigues of the game, so I won’t reveal them now. 🙂

Do you have plans to expand upon the game’s universe post-release?

Dmitry Svetlow: Currently, we have no such plans, but who knows what will happen tomorrow?

How many hours of playtime should players expect?

Dmitry Svetlow: 4-5 hours.

Since your last project was based on VR gaming, how difficult was it to transition to Indika’s development?

Dmitry Svetlow: It wasn’t difficult; VR development is more complex than typical game development, so we came to Indika toughened up and disciplined in terms of optimization.

Did you consider switching to Unreal Engine 5 at some point in development?

Dmitry Svetlow: Of course, but by the time it was released, the game was already in its final stages, and we decided to stay with version 4. Our next project will definitely be on UE5.

What was it like to be caught in the middle of Russia’s political situation in the past few years? How did the team handle development while switching countries and relocating?

Dmitry Svetlow: For me personally, it was the biggest shock of my life. Rotation is difficult, but when you move with the people you love most, it’s not so scary. In some ways, little has changed for me. I still come home to my wife and dog, and at work, I have my beloved team.

YouTube video

Odd Meter has officially confirmed a 2 May 2024 launch for Indika. The game is quickly approaching its release date, and the team has decided to share a new trailer to mark the occasion.

Indika looks every bit as intriguing, unsettling, and engaging in the latest footage. It certainly has the potential to become one of 2024’s biggest indie hits, so we look forward to its upcoming launch.

We also thank Odd Meter for conducting this interview so close to release and wish them the best of luck for Indika’s launch.

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