Detroit: Become Human: Peace or Riot? Why This Choice Matters

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An eye for an eye and the world goes blind

Story Highlights
  • In Detroit: Become Human, Markus’s choice between peaceful protest and violent uprising shapes the fate of androids.
  • Peaceful protests foster empathy and unity, while violence leads to chaos and fear.
  • Kara and Alice’s journey to freedom is directly impacted by the revolution’s path.
  • The game challenges players to consider the true meaning of freedom and the cost of achieving it.

Detroit: Become Human is a narrative-driven adventure game developed by Quantic Dream and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Released in 2018, the game quickly received critical acclaim for its branching storyline, intricate characters, and exploration of artificial intelligence and its place in society. 

Detroit: Become Human won numerous awards and nominations, including prizes for art direction, original music composition, and sound design. But beyond the awards and praise, what truly sets Detroit: Become Human apart is its ability to immerse players in a world on the verge of change, where every decision you make significantly impacts the story. 

But of all the choices, the path you take with Markus for the android revolution is perhaps the most impactful. Peaceful protests or violent uprisings? It’s a question that hits our hearts of what it means to fight for freedom.

Why it Matters: The choices we make in Detroit: Become Human mirror real-world struggles for equality, forcing us to confront the complexness of revolution and the power of our decisions.

Detroit: Become Human Markus Attacking the Police
Markus Attacking the Police during Freedom March – Image by Quantic Dream

Markus: The Leader Of All Androids

Once a caretaker, Markus becomes the leader of Jericho and the android revolution. He faces a tough choice that reflects real-world struggles. Is it better to win hearts and minds through peaceful demonstrations or to force change through violence?

The Peaceful Path

Choosing a peaceful revolution means organizing rallies, not killing humans, and acts of civil disobedience. It’s a path of persuasion, seeking empathy from humans to recognize androids as conscious beings deserving of rights. This choice often leads to powerful scenes of unity and hope. Androids and humans stand together, chanting for equality. It’s a moving vision of a brighter future.

The Violent Uprising

The alternative is a path of aggression โ€“ destroying property, hacking systems, and even engaging in combat with police and humans. It’s a faster route but comes with a heavy price. Violence breeds violence, and the city falls into chaos. The human response is swift and brutal, leading to a massacre in the streets.

Consequences for Kara and the World

Your choice of Markus directly impacts Kara’s story. If Markus leads a peaceful revolution throughout the game, Kara and Alice, the child she’s determined to protect, have a better chance of escaping Detroit undetected. They can blend in with crowds protesting for android rights or use the distraction of peaceful demonstrations to slip past checkpoints. 

However, if Markus chooses violence, the city becomes a warzone. Kara and Alice must navigate destroyed neighborhoods, avoiding armed patrols and hostile humans. Every decision they make feels dangerous, with wrong turns potentially leading to capture or death.

Detroit: Become Human Kara and Alice
Kara and Alice in Detroit: Become Human – Image by Quantic Dream

Public Opinion Depends On Markus’ Path

The public’s perception of androids shifts dramatically depending on Markus’s path. Peaceful protests convince public opinion in favor of androids. People witness their courage and resilience, recognizing their right to exist. The media covers the movement sympathetically, portraying androids as victims of oppression.

But if Markus stays violent, public opinion harshens against androids. They’re labeled as terrorists, a threat to human society. The media fuels the fear, portraying androids as dangerous and unpredictable. This negative perception makes it harder for Kara and other androids to find refuge and acceptance.

What I Chose For My Playthrough

I always steer Markus towards peaceful protest. I’m drawn to a revolution built on hope, empathy, and unity. Yes, it might take longer, and there are setbacks along the way, but the potential for a brighter future where humans and androids coexist peacefully feels far more rewarding. The scenes of androids and humans standing side-by-side, chanting for freedom, are compelling and give me hope for what could be.

The Weight of Choices in Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human doesn’t shy away from the moral complexities of revolution. There’s no easy answer, no right or wrong path. A peaceful revolution might be slower, but it has the potential to create lasting change based on understanding. A violent uprising might achieve immediate results but comes at a devastating cost.

The game challenges us to consider what we value most โ€“ immediate liberation or a more compassionate future. Ultimately, the choice is yours, and the consequences are far-reaching.

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