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Our Reviews section features in-depth, unbiased, and hands-on tested articles by hardware experts on a wide array of tech products, from components like motherboards, graphics cards, and CPU coolers, to peripherals like SSDs, mice, and keyboards. We’re proud to partner with top manufacturers like MSI, GIGABYTE, Corsair, Razer, and many more, ensuring deep insights into the latest tech trends and innovations.

endgame gear xm1 mouse review

Endgame Gear XM1 Mouse Review

The ENDGAME GEAR XM1 White enters the gaming peripherals scene with a noteworthy improvement over its initial release. Tailored for esports enthusiasts, it boasts an ergonomic design accommodating various grip styles. Featuring analog technology, it delivers a rapid <1ms response time powered by the PixArt PMW3389 sensor with a CPI range of 500 to 16000.
adata hd710 pro review

ADATA HD710 Pro Review [Fully Tested]

The ADATA HD710 Pro impresses as a robust 2.5” external HDD, boasting capacities of up to 5TB with standout features like IP68 dust and waterproofing, military-grade shockproofing, and a triple-layered protective design. It emerges as a go-to solution for users engaged in activities like travel, content creation, and outdoor adventures, where durability is paramount.
noctua nh l9a am4 review

Noctua NH L9A AM4 Review: Verdict + Benchmarks

The Noctua NH-L9a-AM4 is a compact, low-profile CPU cooler designed for AMD Ryzen systems in HTPC and SFF builds. With a height of 37mm, it ensures compatibility with limited spaces while delivering efficient cooling for up to 95W TDP.
Thermaltake UX100 ARGB Lighting Low Profile CPU Cooler

Thermaltake UX100 Review: Verdict, Benchmarks, Unboxing

The Thermaltake UX100 is a visually appealing low-profile CPU cooler designed for small form factor PCs, featuring a distinctive fin-bunch design and eye-catching ARGB lighting. Despite its limitations in overclocking support, the UX100 caters to users who prioritize aesthetics and mid-range cooling performance in compact builds.
XIGMATEK AURORA 360 Cooler Review

XIGMATEK Aurora 360 Cooler Review

With an infinity mirror display, AT120 A-RGB fans, and RGB sync compatibility, it offers competitive thermal performance. However, limited fan control and proprietary connectors may deter those seeking an easy component replacement.
Deepcool Assassin III Review

Deepcool Assassin III Review: Unboxing + Benchmarks

The Deepcool Assassin III, a powerful CPU air cooler with a 280W TDP, competes with the Noctua NH-D15. Stylish and high-performing, it excels in cooling but emits 47 dB(A) of noise. Suitable for gamers, it may not suit those prioritizing a quiet PC or dealing with limited space.
Gigabyte X570 AORUS Pro Review

Gigabyte X570 Aorus Pro Wifi Review [Fully Tested]

The Gigabyte X570 AORUS Pro WiFi Gaming motherboard impresses with a robust feature set, offering extensive connectivity, top-tier audio components, and effective thermal management. It caters well to overclocking enthusiasts and those seeking a blend of performance and flexibility. Despite occasional concerns with header reliability and WiFi connectivity, its performance, utilities like SmartFan 5 and EasyTune, and seamless RGB compatibility contribute to a commendable user experience.
Deepcool AS500 CPU Air Cooler

Deepcool AS500 Review [Fully Tested + Unboxing]

The Deepcool AS500 is an affordable and stylish single-tower air cooler designed for users seeking excellent thermal performance. With a slim heatsink for maximum RAM compatibility, it features five nickel-plated copper heat pipes and subtle A-RGB lighting. The TF140S PWM fan ensures quiet operation, and it excels in maintaining low temperatures during testing. However, its 164mm height makes it unsuitable for small form factor PCs.
neptune 240 review

Antec Neptune 240 Review [Expert’s Take + Verdict]

The Antec Neptune 240 ARGB offers a sleek 240mm AIO liquid CPU cooler with an integrated pump, ARGB lighting, and PWM fans. It provides compatibility with various Intel and AMD sockets, making it an appealing choice for users looking for a cooling solution with aesthetic appeal. However, it lacks precise control over pump speed, and potential design flaws, such as banged-up fins and a loose power cable, should be considered.
cryorig h7 review

Cryorig H7 Review: Benchmarks, Unboxing & Verdict

The Cryorig H7 is a budget-friendly 120mm CPU cooler with efficient cooling, a unique Hive Fin design, and zero RAM incompatibility. It's ideal for users with compact PCs and Intel 7700k processors. While budget-friendly, installation can be challenging and lacks compatibility with Intel LGA-2011(3). Overall, it is a solid choice for budget-conscious users seeking efficient cooling in a compact form.
Deepcool Assassin II CPU Cooler

Deepcool Assassin II CPU Cooler Review

Deepcool Assassin II CPU Cooler impresses with its dual tower design, 8 copper heat pipes, and efficient cooling for high-performance CPUs, particularly Intel 12th gen processors. It balances noise and performance, making it a standout in the cooling market.
Best RTX 4080 Super

BEST RTX 4080 Super Graphics Cards [Expert Picks]

As a result of rigorous testing and extensive first-hand use, we have compiled a selection of the best RTX 4080 Super graphics cards.