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New Star GP Interview – More Sports Games Coming Next

New Star GP
The team behind New Star GP has successfully launched its latest F1 racing game, hinting at plans to create more sports games.

Vampire Therapist Interview – Post Launch DLC Planned For 2024

Vampire Therapist
Vampire Therapist steps away from the traditional violent nature of these characters, exploring them on a deeper level.

Highwater Interview – How Demagog Made The World Its Main Character

Highwater has just rowed its way to PC, and our latest interview discusses the team's thoughts about the many nuances of this indie game.

Wandering Cat Interview – A Solo Developer’s Journey

Wandering Cat
Wandering Cat sets players on an adventure to seek out dishes worthy of a cat, promising many memorable moments along the way.

Dead by Daylight Interview – Devs Open To More Analog Horror

Dead by Daylight All Things Wicked Interview
Dead by Daylight launches its latest chapter today. Based on analog horror, All Things Wicked is set to be an exciting addition.

V Rising Interview – New Blood Types Planned For Update 1.0 & More

V Rising Interview Featured Image
We discussed V Rising and its future with Stunlock Studios, going into details about the upcoming console release and in-game mechanics.