Battlefield 1 Is The Best Online Multiplayer FPS In 2024

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Battlefield 1 is still relevant because it not only is a fun game to play but also because how close it is to perfection when it comes to representing the era of WW1.

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  • Battlefield 1 has aged like a fine wine because it does the basic things right, almost to perfection, in terms of animations, physics, and shooting style.
  • It also accurately represents the era of WWI, giving it a dark and depressing war vibe.
  • It features exclusive WWI vehicles rarely seen in any other war game.
  • The absence of any other good multiplayer FPS shooter also contributes to the success of Battlefield 1 in 2024.

The Multiplayer FPS genre has been around for a long time. Since its introduction, almost every year, we get a new FPS game that raises the trends and makes its presence felt in the genre. But very few have been able to rise to the top and stayed there for a very long time. And it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Battlefield 1 is one of the FPS games.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been eight years since the release of Battlefield 1, as it looks fresh even in 2024. It’s the best FPS game you can play currently, and there are valid reasons for this claim.

Battlefield 1 Cover (Image By Moby Games)

First of all, Battlefield 1 does the basic things almost perfectly. Other games have also mastered the basics, but Battlefield 1 doesn’t miss when it comes to that. Everything feels so natural, from the shooting style to the recoils, to the sound designing, to the vehicle physics, to the graphics, to the animations.

Every weapon has its unique style, which includes different sound effects that boost the feeling of shooting in a game. The way the vehicles interact with the environment, especially tanks when they break through walls, is pleasing to the eyes. The dramatic animations when a character dies are also done pretty well.

Apart from the basics, Battlefield 1 carries a unique aura because it is based on WWI. Some developers have also tried to mirror the images of WWI in their games, but Battlefield 1 shows how it’s done.

The whole theme of the game has a dark lightning effect; even in the day, the maps look dark and grey, reflecting the impact of war on the environment.

WW1 In Battlefield 1
WW1 In Battlefield 1 (Image By VG247)

The types of vehicles vary from different airplanes to horses. The best thing about the vehicle section in Battlefield is that it has some behemoths, including airships, tanks, armored trains, and warships. All these vehicles can be driven by the player in the match.

Destroying these behemoths can take a ton of effort. But once you do, you see some visually astonishing scenes as the massive airships crash from the sky and the warships explode and sink into the sea, which is always worth the effort. No other war game has featured this, so Battlefield 1 is unique.

YouTube video

The sound engineering in the game is something I haven’t seen in any other war game. It feels so natural whenever a plane flies above your head in the game or something nearby explodes.

The sound effects for the distant gunshots, enemies screaming, and missiles dropping make you feel like you are on the battlefield yourself. These sound effects are best experienced whenever a behemoth vehicle explodes.

This is especially true of warships, which explode multiple times when destroyed and release a shockwave in the final explosion before sinking. The noise of the heavy mechanical parts from the ship as it sinks feels like a dying sea monster and is worth hearing every time.

Another reason that contributes to the success of Battlefield 1 in 2024 is the unlikely absence of better multiplayer FPS games. The latest installment in the Battlefield series isn’t a complete failure, but it surely couldn’t deliver as it should have, considering it belongs to the same franchise as Battlefield 1.

2042 is awful
byu/TheDepressedRanger inBattlefield

On top of that, the long-time rival of Battlefield, Call Of Duty, also failed to deliver a satisfying game with COD Modern Warfare 3(2023). It’s surprising to see how two of the best FPS franchises messed up big time and at the same time.

If not Battlefield 1, then Battlefield 5 should be considered the best multiplayer FPS of 2024 as it takes the elements of its prequel and boosts some aspects of the game to provide a better experience in many fans’ opinions.

But in my opinion, Battlefield 1 is the better game due to some of its exclusive elements like dark tone, unique WW1 theme, and, my favorite, the inclusion of behemoth vehicles that represent the word “War” in its true sense.

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