Asus Rog Ally: New Update Brings Up To 20% More Performance

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Finally Performing As Expected!

The launch of Asus Rog Ally started a new trend in the gaming handled market with its powerful chip and better hardware. As such, the handheld is considered a threat to gaming handhelds like the Steam Deck and many others from different manufacturers.

Even though the handheld’s hardware is top-notch, it is not backed by the expected performance. Dave2D, a reviewer on YouTube, was one of the first to point out this issue.

The Asus Rog Ally outperforms its rival at a higher TDP, but when it comes to competing at a lower TDP of 15W, it cannot keep up.

Asus Rog Ally

This was a major negative for a new device like the Rog Ally. Since most consumers are looking for longer battery life and great performance in non-intensive gaming titles at lower TDP, Asus has now released a new firmware for its gaming handheld, which brings a lot of improvements in performance at lower and higher TDP.

The new firmware update for the Asus Rog Ally brings compatibility and improvements by supporting the most recent GPU drives. Furthermore, the handheld now performs as expected, with around 20% more performance depending on the title.

According to Dave2D, the new firmware update has also improved the performance of the handheld at a higher TDP. The device was tested at 25W, where it’s now competing against the AYANEO 2S, a device that comes with Ryzen 7 7849U Phoenix APU. 

The Rog Ally is currently the cheapest handheld on the market that comes equipped with a powerful APU like the Ryzen Z1 Extreme since handhelds from other manufacturers with similar specs cost much more.

Currently, Asus has an advantage in price to performance in the gaming handheld market. However, we expect more competition from the market in the coming months.

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