AMD Reportedly Set To Debut RX 8000 GPUs At CES 2025

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RDNA 4 Might Not Arrive In 2024!

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  • According to a report, AMD will introduce the RDNA 4 graphics architecture in early 2025, featuring Navi 48 and Navi 44 GPUs.
  • The gaming giant aims to offer competitive mid-range options against Nvidia’s lineup.
  • Navi 48 GPUs promise improved power efficiency and performance comparable to current models at a lower cost.

It has been reported that AMD will introduce RDNA 4 in the first half of 2025. Two RDNA 4 graphics processors, the Navi 48 and Navi 44, are presently under development and are anticipated to launch in 2025.

Why it matters: AMD has not yet released an official statement about the upcoming lineup. However, fans are already anticipating another exciting lineup from the company.

RDNA GPU Roadmap via AMD

Although there hasn’t been much news lately, it appears AMD will remain silent until the launch of RDNA 4 in early 2025. According to Kepler_L2, the Red team wants to announce its next-generation graphics products at CES.

Kepler reports that AMD plans to unveil its Navi 48 GPU at CES 2025, expecting a Q1 launch window. The entry-level Navi 44 GPUs will go on sale in Q2 of the same year.

The AMD Navi 44 GPU is positioned to be the entry-level replacement for the Navi 33 series, similar to the RX 7600 series cards. On the other hand, the Navi 48 GPUs will perform similarly to the Navi 31 While providing higher power efficiency.

Besides being far less expensive than the best RDNA 3 GPUs, these GPUs should rival the Radeon RX 7900 series at a lower cost.

Nvidia will likely join the competition with its GeForce RTX 50 lineup by then. The company is expected to offer higher-end variants like the GeForce RTX 5090 and 5080, followed by mid-range options in the months after.

It will be interesting to see how AMD positions its RDNA 4 lineup in the face of competition from Nvidia and Intel. Mid-range options will be the company’s primary focus on GPUs, possibly leading to a bigger focus on value.

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