Tuesday, November 12, 2019
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MSI X99S SLI Krait Motherboard in Black and White Color Scheme

Although MSI is going to cut Graphics cards of AMD in the domestic market of China, but other businesses are not affected, the new board...
MSI X99S Gaming 9 ACK Motherboard

MSI X99S Gaming 9 ACK Motherboard bears Two Killer Networking Adapters

At Beat IT 2014 event, MSI announced its new X99 chipset motherboard, which will support the Intel Haswell-E processors and eight DDR4 memory slots. If...

MSI releases X99S MPOWER motherboard

Intel Haswell-E Processors have released a few months back and there are lots of vendors in the market who has showcased their X99 motherboards....
MSI motherboard X99S Power AC

MSI X99s Power AC Exposed

X99 motherboards are now one month away from the release, motherboard manufacturers start official blew. Till now two motherboards has been exposed from MSI side X99S...
MSI X99S Gaming 9 AC

MSI X99S Gaming 9 AC Motherboard exposed

MSI two days before exposing it X99S SLI Plus motherboard, the motherboard is all black piece design. There is no doubt that MSI will not...

MSI X99S SLI PLUS : First retail version of X99 Motherboard

On Computex Taipei in early June, many manufacturers have demonstrated their Intel X99 motherboards , X99 Chipset will be supported by Intel Next Generation Haswell-E Processors and...

Gigabyte GA-X99-SLI: New Motherboard from Gigabyte X99 Chipset Portfolio

Debuting a new motherboard for Haswell-E comprehensive and affordable. In order to get as much as possible from the market related to HEDT Intel platforms,...

MSI GTX 960 To Get A Black And White Shade Variant Too

Previously we have seen the leaked images of the mid-range most anticipated Graphics card from MSI side, namely GeForce GTX 960 Gaming 2g but now...
MSI Z97S SLI Krait

MSI officially released Z97S SLI Krait Motherboard

Aren’t Red and black color monotony of the gaming motherboards to make you a little fatigued out? If you are tired of watching those...
Gigabyte X99 Gaming 5

Preview: Gigabyte X99 Gaming 5 motherboard

These days there are a number of manufacturers who has exposed DDR4 memory and X99 Chipset Motherboards, on the 29th of this month Intel...
Z97 SLI Krait Edition

MSI to push white with black reveals Z97 SLI Krait Edition

Aren't Red and black color monotony of the gaming motherboards to make you a little fatigued out? If you tired of watching those motherboards, then under...
Gigabyte X99-SOC Force

Gigabyte X99-SOC Force motherboard Unveiled

X99 motherboard exposure war is prominent among the MSI and Gigabyte, the former has been exposed three X99S motherboard, mainstream gaming and overclocking out of the...




Metal Gear Solid 4 now fully playable from start to finish...

At the end of August, the RPCS3 development team, the popular PlayStation 3 emulator had made great improvements in the speed and rendering of...