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Scythe Kodati Rev. B CPU Cooler

Scythe Announces the Kodati Rev. B CPU Cooler for AMD Kabini

The company Scythe expands its offer with a new version of the cooling solution, namely Kodati Rev. B, which is also compatible with AMD socket...
AMD Kabini APUs spotted E1-2150 and A4-5050

AMD Kabini APUs spotted E1-2150 and A4-5050

AMD has recently added the "Kabini" APUs on a chip (SoC) which focus on the low power graphic portfolio of notebooks. Cpuworld today comes...

AMD 2016 Roadmap Leaked – Zen And K12 Based 14nm CPU And APU Products...

AMD's roadmap for 2016 has been released, including desktop and mobiles items portfolio based on the new superior Zen and K12 Cores. And additionally...

Samsung UD590 and UE850: First displays with AMD FreeSync technology coming in March 2015

AMD FreeSync technology is parallel to Nvidia G-Sync. For AMD to enter with this technology in the market, Samsung opens doors and announced that they...
AMD releases list of Freesync capable GPUs

AMD releases list of FreeSync capable GPUs

The AMD Site has placed a new link wherein they'll publish the complete list of Graphics Cards which support Freesync. All of AMD Radeon HD...
AMD FreeSync

AMD FreeSync : AMD claims that Freesync is a better option than 4k gaming

In addition to the focus of Mantle from AMD if we see outside of it there is also a display battle between AMD and...
Beema and Mullins kernel FigureBeema and Mullins kernel Figure

AMD Third Generation APU Beema and Mullins: 2.8W Ultra-low power

AMD has just released the third generation "of mainstream and low-power APU", where "Beema" biased mainstream, "Mullins" the flagship ultra-low power consumption, can be used...
AMD's Secret weapon Beema is Coming

AMD Next-Generation low-power APU Beema, will be released on 29 April

AMD official Twitter account today hit a four-day countdown, and put the one processor core photos, so everyone "Guess what AMD is about to...
Beema and Mullins

Beema and Mullins: AMD take aim, push the new X86 chip high-end flat

According to PCWorld website reported, AMD does not want its chips are used in low-cost tablet in and eager to avoid the front with Intel, Now...
AMD’s Athlon and Sempron officially released

AMD’s Athlon and Sempron back from the Death: officially released

A month ago, AMD launched a new AM1 platform, low-power mobile platform was originally based on the Kabini APU, use separate package interface (Socket...
AMD sempron apu

AMD’s budget-friendly Sempron new Desktop Chips

A month ago AMD announced new Socket AM1 platform, the first low-power mobile APU Kabini brought to the desktop platform, but did not disclose...
AMD FX-670K First Exposure

AMD Releases: Reincarnating the Athlon and Sempron CPUs

  AMD re-innovates its Athlon and Sempron lineup after a long wait of 4 years, does this mean that we could expect major upgrades over...




Antec Neptune 240


Introduction Antec, Inc. is not a new name as they have been producing high-performance computer components and accessories for the gaming, PC upgrade and Do-It-Yourself...