Zelda Breath of the Wild was released along with the Nintendo Switch earlier this year, which was then released for Wii U as well. While the PC users were also able to play this amazing game via CEMU emulator which received updates in order to improve game performance.

Interestingly, modders are working on a multiplayer mod of Zelda Breath of the Wild CEMU version, allowing two players side-by-side. The word was shared by REGN8 Discord server user ‘Fooni’, who posted a couple of screenshots of the multiplayer mode. The game was not designed with the multiplayer mod, therefore the this upcoming mod will be exclusive to the CEMU version.

Check out the screenshots below;

zelda breath of the wildzelda breath of the wildAs per the user Fooni, the mod works for 2 people and they can play by changing the location of an NPC and the team should swap its model. While the mod is currently under works and is likely to take almost a year to complete or reach its playable state.

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So the players must wait in order to get their hands on the multiplayer mod. CEMU emulator is a Wii U emulator, allowing PC players to enjoy Wii U games on their systems.

Zelda Breath of the Wild is now available for Nintendo Switch and Wii U. Stay tuned for more updates!

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