According to a new report from The Wall Street Journal, conglomerate Alphabet inc. conducting intensive talks with the owners of copyright movies and series to bolster its new subscription service. Thus, the company intends to throw the gauntlet powers such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. To develop the site for exclusive content also indicates the same team, which was recently expanded by industry veterans.

YouTube Seeks Streaming Rights to TV Shows, Movies


In late October, officially announced the introduction of YouTube Red, which is a paid version of the well-known video service. From the beginning, it was clear that the fee will not be paid, only for the lack of advertising, and the ability to save videos and watch them offline. Google and now Alphabet, recalled that in the future users will not get access to exclusive access in the free version. It seems that soon the YouTube Red can become a real competitor to Netflix.

The Wall Street Journal says that Alphabet is negotiating with record labels and copyright holders the conditions for placing movies and programs on its video platform. Interestingly, YouTube Red would appear the latest hits, including even those who have just come to cinemas, television networks and begin their distribution on DVD. Alphabet wants to have priority, and in many cases, the content would be exclusively available only in the new service company. Of course, beyond the strategy of buying the rights to share video, YouTube Red is also to produce their own programs, including serials.

For the High impact on the development of the service they also have employees who know the market inside and out including Susanne Daniels, a former program director of MTV, who joined the YouTube Red this summer, whether Kelly Merryman, who was responsible for the materials available on Netflix.

According to the Market observers, Alphabet is forced to invest huge amounts of money in exclusive materials that users decide at all to pay for a subscription. The company has over the years grown used their model to share free videos with ads and now in the same node analysts believe that  it will be difficult to convince people to pay for a service when they have enjoyed for a long time.

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