Google’s top video sharing platform, YouTube allows the users of some countries to monetize their content, which means that the users can make money by uploading their content if they have Google AdSense account.

YouTube Monetization is Now Enabled for Pakistan

Google AdSense account is required for the users to make money and if they don’t have it, they can apply for a new one instead. Not every country users are allowed make money from their videos unlike United States, United Kingdom, Australia and some other. However, with this recent update, Pakistani users can enable monetization on their account and earn some bucks for their work.

It seems that Google is targeting the Pakistani market actively as a couple of weeks ago, a team of Google visited top and highly ranked universities in different cities of the country and some reports also suggest that a new event will also take place in coming weeks, so we can say that things are going good for Pakistani developers and content creators as well.

Following are the steps to enable monetization on your YouTube account;

  • Log in to your account
  • Open Creator Studio under your profile icon
  • Select Status and Features under the Channel category
  • Tap on the Monetization card, and select the “Enable” button
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • Link your AdSense account with your YouTube account and you are done!

It must be noted that only original content on your account is eligible for monetizing while the material with copyrights mentioned is not eligible for monetizing. While violating terms or copying others material heavily may also lead to blocking of your AdSense account as well.