At the end of January, we shared with you a very good news – YouTube resigned from Flash, putting on HTML5.Unfortunately, it turns out that the abandonment of the absolute standard is only the first step and soon Google will go well with the Data API v2 to v3. Apart from the advantages it has also many disadvantages for old devices. The biggest is the disappearance of YouTube Application from older Smart TV.

Google has announced via its Support Center that exactly 20 April this year, the official YouTube app will disappear from the Smart TV produced until 2012. In addition to the TV with the client platform also say goodbye to Blu-ray and Google TV devices.

YouTube has not disclosed the full list of devices on which the application will shine. However, Google has confirmed that it will apply to televisions and players’s companies like Sony and Panasonic (until 2012). Samsung, in turn, has reported that YouTube will not work on models from 2010, but the situation devices with 2011 and 2012 is not clear.

Although the official application disappears from older platforms Smart TV, Google has announced that most devices with a web browser that supports Flash or HTML5 will allow you to play videos from YouTube, except that you will need to go to the page just from within the browser.

By the way, it is worth recalling that Google is also working on a standard VP9, ​​which will increase the image quality and provide faster loading and scrolling video.

Source: Google Support

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