The new generation Consoles Ps4 and XboxOne has the mission to generate a total innovation in graphics and how we play, all for added realism and we get to see this and more on EA Sports UFC, but producers have the sensitivity to realize that not only realism brings the fun, that feeling of actually being able to do what is not possible in real life still cares enough and it will be taken to another level as one of swipes in the game will be none other than the legend Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee joins EA SPORTS UFC fight roster

In partnership with Bruce Lee Enterprises EA included the fighter in the game that will be “unlockable“, i.e. It will not be available right away. There are two ways to access it, the first would be the traditional and more challenging to finish the campaign in “Pro” mode, the other is already less orthodox manner, by purchasing the game on pre-order you will have instant access to fighter than in practice you will not unlock rather pay for something that can be done for free if you have a skill.

 The EA Sports UFC will be released in June for PS4 and Xbox One.

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