Announced in early August, we can now download the Grand Theft Auto Space, a mod of Grand Theft Auto V that will allow us to go in a space via shuttle to seek new adventures taking advantage of the popularity of games set in space exploration such as No Man’s Sky, the Star Citizen or the Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Thanks to the mod Grand Theft Auto Space, you will not only leave the Earth, but you can travel to other planets and even land on them and explore them with a Rover, where we could meet other visitors who may not be very friendly. For now, this version of the mod offers a story mode, and the ability to visit 11 different planets and three moons.

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As a negative point, those who have installed the VisualV, NaturalVision or NaturalVision Remastered mods to improve the visual experience, will no longer enjoy this mod because these mods are not supported with Grand Theft Auto Space. So you need to remove all those mods or wait for the next update. You can download the mod from the following link.

“Earth has been alone in this galaxy from the very moment it was formed, but far away, in another galaxy, there was an intelligent life that looked at the people of Earth for a millennium. This life was not the friendly life we ​​would like. The NASA research team has found remains of parts of an alien spacecraft scattered throughout the state of San Andreas. We never thought that these intelligent life forms would come to our planet, but they are coming and they are not on our side. It’s your mission to get this alien slag out before they get to Earth. “

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