As the new Battlefield 1 Open Beta is scheduled to begin next week, the players are damn excited and can’t wait to get their hands on one of the most anti-cipated game of this year.

You Can Control the Train in Battlefield 1 – Developers

In the recent trailer of Battlefield 1, we saw trains moving through the map. The moving trains can have an impact specially during the multiplayer and therefore, the players should keep that factor alive in their mind during the gameplay. Some people were excited and have many questions in mind related to it, thinking whether they can drive the train in Battlefield 1 or not.

So the answer is actually YES. The developers on twitter stated that you could drive the armed train in Battlefield 1. Of course, you could only drive the train on the fixed path specified in the game. And not only one player, but a crew of four to six persons can ride the train with one of them as a driver. The train is termed as a “Behemoth“, a deadly and armed vehicle which is quite powerful and is capable of turning the tables in the war against the enemies. This feature is seen for the very first time in a Battlefield game possibly.

The map used in the video is Sinai Desert, while there are other Behemoth vehicles too, that can be piloted or driven. One of them is the deadly zeppelin airship which was used in World War 1 for bombing and killed thousands. It is deadlier than the train and only one person can fly that.

In another update, DICE also revealed that all of the maps of Battlefield will have dynamic weather, that can affect your gameplay strategies.

The open beta begins on August 31st while Battlefield Insiders will get to play the open beta bit early. Battlefield 1 is set to release on October 21st for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One while the players can get their hands on it a couple of days before by pre-ordering the game. Let’s see how the game performs in it’s open beta as it has done quite well in its closed alpha, which was available for selected people only. Stay tuned for more updates!