[UPDATE] The game has been removed as free and is available for purchase for £32.99 on the Store.

Famous action-adventure game of PlayStation 3, Yakuza 5 is now free on the European PlayStation Store for those gamers who have subscribed to PlayStation Plus.

Yakuza 5 is Free to Play for PlayStation Plus Subscribers

As of now, it is not clear whether the game was made free of cost or it was added to the store by mistake as Sony previously announced July’s PlayStation Plus games, and according to which, Yakuza 5 was not the mentioned in the list.

yakuza 5

So it is expected that the store might push back the game to its original store price, which is £32.99. Anyhow, the game is free as of now and therefore, the fans must grab it as soon as possible without any cost.

Yakuza 5 was originally released in Japan in December 2012 and later, it was released to the rest of the world last year exclusively for PlayStation 3. It was also announced that the company will release it for the PlayStation 4 sometime this year. Sony announced the development of Yakuza 6, which will be exclusive for PlayStation 4.