Xiaomi continues to expand its line of products for home appliances, now the latest released product is My Ecosystem, a rice cooker/pressure cooker for rice connected to the Internet via WiFi that allows it to be controlled from the smartphone to have always perfect rice at the right time. The intelligent pot automatically selects the heating method by reading bar codes on rice packets to get perfect cooking times. If we think it’s as simple as warm water and pour the rice, the rice is able to recognize 200 brands of rice with 2,450 methods, yes, two thousand four hundred and fifty different heating methods.

Xiaomi Mi Ecosystem: Your Rice Cooker Connected To The Internet



The  Xiaomi Mi Ecosystem employs a magnetic relief valve to control the pressure inside the rice cooker to create an optimal boiling water, which results in a more flavorful rice. To this they implemented the technology of electromagnetic heating increases the degree of thermal efficiency, lining gray cast iron by heating with strong thermal performance, and powder coating allows the rice never sticking to the bottom of the pot.

Xiaomi Mi Ecosystem is now available for same in China at a price of 999 yuan, about 136 euros to change, making it 40 percent cheaper than its competitors. So if you love sushi or simply a Cuban rice with sausage, egg and fried banana, this rice cooker is your best bet.

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